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Enjoy Unique & Unlimited Video Chats & Group Calls with Rounds

I have a huge circle of friends that I associate with on a regular basis. Being a single woman in a foreign country and away from my friends and family, I definitely need an app that can make communicating with my loved ones on a daily basis a breeze. To make things simple I downloaded [...]

Lollipop’s Arrived, So Why is No One Using It?

The Latest Android is Seeing Less Than a Tenth of Jellybean’s Numbers a Month After Release   Android 5.0, codenamed Lollipop, promised a radical change in the Android ecosystem. Since the month into its official release, the mobile OS has garnered less than .1% of the Android market. By way of comparison, Android 4.1, Jellybean, [...]

Strive to Complete Missions & Lose Yourself in a Game of Hoverdroid

I just have to say it out LOUD; I had an awesome time playing Hoverdroid, a realistic physics-based game. I, for one, am not used to playing games like this at all, at all. I was checking out my brother’s Droid when I found Hoverdroid 3D: RC hovercraft. On seeing the colorful images I was [...]

Find & Read All that You Need on Canword

I am a person who loves to read. I find my interest in reading increasing over the years, and the topics that I read on just keep on growing. To quench my thirst I usually download apps that give me stories and articles on topics of interest. I recently found a news reader app named [...]

Hunt Down Monsters to Save Don Don Castle!

Since I spend most of my traveling hours playing games, I usually opt for games of action or adventure that can be enjoyed offline. I recently found a game named Don Don Castle by Cosen, which is about a fortress that has been taken over by dangerous and vile monsters. Most of the warriors in [...]

Baidu Browser: For an Efficient & Secure Browsing Experience

Browsing on my Droid was getting taxing at times and I was on the lookout for a different browser app. A friend suggested I give Baidu Browser a shot, and I have been pretty impressed with my new find.  On opening the app you’ll find 3 screens, ‘My Favorites’, ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Discovery’, which helps keep [...]

DU Speed Booster: Keep Your Device Free from Trash & Viruses

I am a person who regularly uses my phone to browse the net and play games. As most people do, I too find my mobile slowing down and sometimes getting hanged in the process. This is a result of overload on the memory space, and the viruses that get downloaded with documents that I use. [...]

Create Beautiful E-Books of Your Life with Mags Inc.

We were leaving college and it was time to say goodbye. Chloe, one of my best buds and dorm mate was heading off to Europe and I wasn’t sure if I’d see her again. It was a week before graduation and I still hadn’t found the right gift. I was looking for a personalized gift [...]

Monster Doors: Quality Shooting Game for Android

With thousands of games released each day upon Google’s Play Store, it is extremely difficult to find a game that is unique, eye catching and has a addicting gameplay. Monster Doors sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with all of these features included in a single Android shooting game. The game packs [...]

Effectively Manage Multiple Email Accounts in a Single Inbox using Mailwise

I find myself reading my mails on my Droid more often than before, as I hardly have the time to look into my PC. I found myself shuffling through different mail accounts at the same time and this eventually became quite hard and frustrating. Going through the Play store the other day, I found an [...]