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Best Facebook Status & Quotes App Review

Thousands of Facebook Status and Quotes for Every Occasion and Situation  Can’t find the exact, appropriate words to express your mood and thoughts on Facebook? Indeed, not all of us have a way with words, while others simply do not have the time to invest thinking and typing out their Facebook status. This is why [...]

Lie Detector Prank-Fingerprint App Review

Introducing a Different (Slightly Sly) Way to Have Fun with Friends and Loved Ones  Have you ever wanted to have an instant way with which you can tell whether your friends are lying to you or not? Who among us, for at least once in our lives, hasn’t had that urge to know if the [...]

Automatic Call Recorder Plus: A Call Recording App That Goes the Limit

 In the fast-paced style of communication that we now have, automation is the key to making daily life easier. This aspect could not be more apparent in mobile communication. If you’re an individual or business owner that receives a steady stream of calls every day, chances are, you probably make use of a call recorder [...]

All In One Islamic Guide+Quran: The Ultimate Islamic Reference App

It is a fascinating notion that religion is beginning to adapt to this modern and fast-paced era by taking advantage of one of this generation’s primary facets: technology. There are many religious apps that are available for download in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store; although, some were banned from the latter. [...]

Run for Cheese – A Simple but Brilliant Endless Runner

With the Run for Cheese game, Atelier 801, the mobile device development team behind this app, obviously decided to take the idea of an endless runner and advance it significantly both in terms of engagement and diverse game mechanics. Even though this field of mobile games is really crowded with a constant stream of games, [...]

Puli- The Official Fan App: Get the Latest Official News about Vijay’s Much-Anticipated Fantasy Film

Chimbu Deven’s fantasy-adventure film, Puli, has been in development for years now; it has undergone significant changes in casting, as well as in the producers who are willing to shoulder its mounting production costs. Public interest in the film never died, though, and even grew when news came out the ever-popular Vijay has taken on [...]

10000+ Best Love SMS & Quotes – An App that will help anyone express their Romantic Feelings

 One of most important things about the modern communication systems is the fact that they can bring people closer. While many wrongly believe that contemporary technology is driving a wedge between individuals, the truth of the matter is that today, being in contact with someone was never easier. Because of the power of modern communication [...]

PGPTools: An Easy Solution to PGP Encryption and Keys Generation

Many people don’t bother encrypting their emails, SMS, Skype messages, etc., with their reason being that it entails further work. After all, time and effort would have to be invested in not only learning how encryption works, but also getting all the tools that you need. Would you be able to make the same excuses, [...]

How Old Are You?: See If This App Can Accurately Guess Your Age!

As much as we hate to admit, Father Time catches up with all of us. While there are many people who work hard and rely on every means possible to preserve their youthful looks and vigor, our general appearance and manner almost always belie how old we really are.  It is a proven fact that [...]

Tollywood Celebrity LookALike – The App That Lets You Know Which Tollywood Actor You Look Like

If you happen to be a fan of Tollywood or the Telugu cinema of India, then you would find this new celebrity lookalike app from Tim Tim a very good app to try. Concept and Theme No doubt about it, Tollywood actors and actress have some of the most beautiful and handsome faces in the [...]