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Ask for Translations or Help Others with Translations (and Earn Money!) on Flitto

I am a person who works a lot on social networking sites and my job gets very tedious when I am not able to understand a word on the given page. This can make my day very frustrating. I really rejoice when I get a client who makes we work on a page in my [...]

Mobizen – Your Android, Anywhere – Easy PC Access to a Mobile Phone

Mobile devices are a great tool for many different purposes. Because of their flexibility and versatility, they are a great help in both private and professional lives. That is the reason why many people all over the globe carry them and use them on a daily basis. In fact, in the last couple of years, [...]

BOTO the Pink Dolphin – An Educational Game App Review

Children learn by seeing and listening. Therefore, if any one of these elements are missing, then they won’t learn as fast as they should. That’s the reason why BOTO the Pink Dolphin, is one of the most preferred educational games for children of all ages. They simply listen to the story as it unfolds, watch [...]

Let’s Play with DingDong: Perfectly Developed Educational App for Children

Portable devices have been among the most famous ways of promoting education among kids. Android apps developed for introducing nursery rhymes, music as well as alphabets are now available in the market like Let’s Play with DingDong, which is a fun way of learning. Concept and Theme: Developed by Lidee Inc., Let’s Play with DingDong [...]

Raining coins? – A New Adventure Game for Android

Raining coins? is a new game title for Android released by the Crazysoft GR team and which comes with an entirely unique gaming concept. Players have to control Eve, a bubbly girl who wishes to save money for a new trampoline. This may seem easy at first, as money keeps pouring from the sky, but [...]

Let’s Fold Origami Collection – App Review

Let’s Fold Origami Collection is a special kind of origami art app which challenges you as the player to figure out how you can fold different paper animals on their own. The app has 26 origami puzzles which increase with difficulty as you progress. You are required to fold an origami paper to exactly match [...]

FingR – A Simple and Dynamic Gaming App for Your Android Smartphone!

Many times, the best products are designed on a very simple core concept. This is achieved because a good basic idea that is managed correctly is everything that is needed to produce an excellent result. In the world of mobile device apps, the same thing is also true. That is the reason why an app [...]

Stream Videos and Songs in HD, both Online & Offline with Zimly

I am a person who streams a lot of music, videos and movies as my job as a writer requires it. Media players play a very important role in helping me get my job done perfectly and on time. Without such technology there’s so much that might go unseen or unread, leaving my readers in [...]

STEP – Journal for Life: Update Your Journal Easily by Syncing It with Other Apps You Regularly Use

I have been in the habit of writing journals ever since my dad told me that it would make a good read in the years to come. I had been cleaning my home a few weeks back and found one of the journals I had been writing when I was in college. I enjoyed reading [...]

Swizzle – Free Music Streaming: One-Stop Music Playlist Creation App

Mobile devices currently have top caliber audio features that users want to take advantage of. With an Android music app like Swizzle, music playing is much easier even in using online streaming sites like YouTube. Concept and Theme Developed by Ideabove Inc., this music app is designed to mix and loop playlists set in YouTube. [...]