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Anti Theft Charge: Android Device Watch Dog Against Theft

Various apps developed for Android are for entertainment, education, financial and others. However, it would be a wise move to install an additional security app like Anti Theft Charge to make sure Android smartphones are safe even if they are not on their owners’ hands. Concept Developed by Alicia Sykes, Anti Theft Charge is an [...]

Simply Easy Diet Lite: Track Your Diet towards Improved Health

Health is vital nowadays that developers started to create an app designed to focus in improving overall health. One of the many apps targeting health is Simply Easy Diet Lite developed as Android app health diet. Developed by Simply Easy Web LLC, Simply Easy Diet Lite is an Android app designed in tracking down your [...]

MediaBowl: FileShare – Share And View Files Easier Than Ever Before

People owning an Android phone are probably aware of the fact that sharing files requires either Bluetooth connectivity or access to the Wi-Fi direct functionality, which is currently available on a limited number of devices. However, an Android app that’s been recently released on the market, MediaBowl: FileShare, promises to change this forever. With the [...]

Web PC Suite – File Transfer – Safe and Secure Way of Transferring Data

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones definitely created a great change in the way communication technology is used globally. Instead of being restricted to a desktop computer, these mobile platforms offered a way of staying connected to the Internet and other people from almost any possible location on the planet. Today, these devices are very [...]

Shadow Fight 2: An Immersive Action Game for Android

There are so many action games for Android out there that one can truly have a hard time picking the best one. From console-quality games rendered on multiple levels and stages and up to ones where the player has to finish an endless run, there is something for everyone in Google Play Store. However, one [...]

Moaxis – Transer Text, Calls & Alerts to Other Devices

All those who work or play on computer more than on phone have certainly been disturbed at least once by the fact that calls, text messages and notifications are displayed solely on their mobile device. But a new app released recently on Google Play Store, Moaxis, aims to solve this drawback. Moaxis expands mobile alerts, [...]

Democrazy – the political game – A Intriguing Strategy Gaming App

Strategy games are almost as old as computers themselves. Many decades ago, when the informational science was still young, people were playing chess and other basic strategy games on the most early computer models. Later, the strategy genre became even more prominent, and created a whole market for this kind of games. Now, with the [...]

You vs The World App Review: Let The Kids Go Social While Learning New Things

Education games play a significant role in how kids learn at an early age. Their attention span is too short to make them concentrate for hours in a physical classroom. So to compensate for that, most parents let their kids access gaming platforms that are exclusively geared towards education. In line with this, we’re introducing [...]

Vocabul Jumble – A Dynamic Word Game App

Word games have always been very popular. Even centuries ago, people enjoyed many different kinds of pastime activities which included the manipulation of letters and words to a certain goal. In the 20th century, this trend became even more widespread with the invention of popular tabletop or board games which used the same principle. The [...]

Anthill Defenders: An Addictive Strategy Game

Anthill Defenders is an Android game which will definitely be appreciated by fans of “Tower Defense” titles. But albeit it belongs to this category, Anthill Defender’s gameplay is totally unique and exquisite. Players have to set up a unique defense against evil ants how are trying to steal nest’s food. In this regard, all games [...]