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Fox Tales: Rocket Run – Addictive and Vibrant Android Game

A rocket pack is an object that can fire up everyone’s imagination. Just the thought of a powerful rocket as a means of transport is both fun and exciting, but almost impossible to achieve in real life. Fortunately, this fact did not interfere with the creative team of game developers from a company called Won-O-Soft. [...]

Bukanir Android Media Video App as a Great Torrent Player

Technological improvements make it possible for people to stream videos through their portable devices. Android media video app like Bukanir makes it possible for people to watch media files without switching to computers. Concept: Developed by gen2brain, the concept behind Bukanir is allowing people to play videos using bittorent magnets. Other video players only let [...]

Dentity – An App for Contact Management on a New Level

Contacts are incredibly important both in personal life and in business. Thanks to the modern technology, especially the Internet and its social networks, finding a new contract and rediscovering old one was never as easy as it is now. Because of things like Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the manner in which people interact with each [...]

Defense 39 – Defend Poland from the Nazis!

Real history is a treasure trove of fantastic stories. Some of them are cheerful, others sad, but there is one kind of a historic story which is most interesting — the story of an epic struggle between a large invading army and a small, righteous defending force. There are several examples of this in the [...]

2048 Pixels: A Great Retro Game for Killing Time

There are not many great game titles when it comes to the short timeframe niche, but 2048 Pixels manages to hit the sweet spot in this regard. The game is extremely easy to play, only challenge residing in the player having to reach the “2048″ sum in at least one tile. However, the game continues [...]

Digging Deep: Tap The Blocks – An Game for Quick Minds and Quicker Fingers

Arcade games are one of the core appeals in the entire arena of mobile devices. Because they are extremely fun and appealing for all generations, these games are very sought after and continue to be cherished more than 40 years since they were invented. Today, the growing number of powerful handheld devices allowed that this [...]

seeTime – An Calculator App for the Temporal Dimension

Apart from the physical space, the entire existence is based on one more vital dimension: the temporal one. The passage of time marks the changes and events, and since the invention of the calendar and other more precise time measuring devices, this dimension is incredibly important for any person, no matter where they live or [...]

Solo Launcher: The Perfect Tool To Personalize Android Home Screen

Solo Launcher is more than a simple Android launcher; it’s a highly advanced tool that allows any user to personalize the smartphone’s/tablet’s screen according to current needs. By comparison to other apps of its kind, this one is entirely free to use and does not come along with ads that drag down the usage experience. [...]

Ocean Hunt Android App: Become The Ocean Hunter, Only Speed And Accuracy Will Save You

When a few individuals were asked about the best Android app that someone could enjoy on a bus trip to the upcountry side, they mentioned several popular but simple games that qualified this category. But then, one person mentioned Ocean Hunt, and the rest joined him. It appeared they had heard of this app or [...]

MobiSaver for Android Free – A Superior Data Recovery App

In theory, electronic data can be indestructible. It is not a physical entity and is instead stored digitally, where it can be copied and moved indefinitely, which will make any piece of it available forever. But, this is only in theory. In practice, most of the people using a digital device found themselves horrified when [...]