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Silly Squilly – Hop to Top – Help the Squirrel Scale the Sky

Have you ever seen a hopping squirrel? Here is a little, silly squirrel which is out on a mission to scale the sky. Silly Squilly – Hop to Top is a fun-filled game which doesn’t require much of strategic thinking but needs great concentration and quick reflexes to help the squirrel on its hopping journey. [...]

Fur and Furious – A Super-Addictive Game with Tap-to-Jump Action

Have you seen how dogs and cats go bananas over the movement of a laser pointer beam? The quick movement of the bright, red dots of light triggers their predatory instincts and makes them set out on a chase. Fur and Furious is a fun and fast-paced game in which a cat/dog chases a red [...]

Mobisaver Data Recovery Software – A Comprehensive Solution for Data Loss Issues

A week back, my little daughter’s photos got accidentally deleted from my Android device. I was completely dejected by this mishap. A friend recommended Mobisaver Data Recovery Software to get back my daughter’s photos. I tried it right away and was both amazed and relieved by the results I got. Along with the photos I [...]

365Scores – An All-in-One Sports App with Integrated Social Networking

Are you an ardent follower of sports? 365Scores is an app that lets you stay tuned with all the action happening in the sports world by providing unlimited info on your favorite sports. Who wouldn’t want to get real time updates about their favorite teams and leagues? This app brings you the latest news, live [...]

Tuneup and Turbocharge Your Android Devices with DU Speed Booster (Cleaner)

Have you noticed your phone becoming sluggish with continuous use? You may need to clear out unnecessary files that take up a lot of space, and control tasks which run in the background, to speed up your device and optimize its efficiency. An app named DU Speed Booster can get the job done easily, saving [...]

Zombies and Guns – A Pulsating Arcade Game with Numerous Fighting Strategies

Get ready to fight an intense war against zombies! Zombies and Guns is a fast-paced game which requires sharp hand-eye coordination, strategic thinking and smart combat & defense techniques. Be the hero, save your people, and cleanse the zombie-infected desert town in this action-packed adventure.   Here’s the plot – a desert town has been [...]

Cat Smash – A Captivating Tap-to-Smash Game

Have you ever been annoyed by the nuisance of stray cats? Here’s your chance to take revenge by swatting them! Cat Smash is a funny, fast-paced game for all age groups. The game is set in a countryside with farm houses and huts on both sides of a mud road. You will find cats ambling [...]

Flappy Tap 3D – An Enjoyable & Addictive Tap-to-Fly Game

Have you ever wanted to soar in the sky like a bird? You can get your dream realized through Flappy Tap 3D. It is an easy game to play, but scoring points is not as easy as it seems! It requires an acute sense of timing and precise judgment. If you love flying games, you [...]

Shellfire VPN Android App Review: Enhanced Network Security and More!

One of the features people like about today’s portable devices is its ability to connect to the internet. Nevertheless, these individuals need a good Android app designed for encrypting network connection for security purposes. This is what Shellfire VPN offers. App Overview: Developed by Shellfire, Shellfire VPN is designed to promote secure network connection for [...]

Wondershare MobileGo Software – A Perfect Tool to Manage Multiple Android Devices

Do you find it difficult to manage your Android devices? Are you anxious about the safety of your mobile data? Install Wondershare MobileGo on your PC and control your Android devices from your PC. The software ensures safe backup and quality restore between PC and Android devices. With Wondershare MobileGo you can effortlessly manage all [...]