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uCiC: App Designed For Social Photo Assistance

uCiC is a newly released app which aims to help users at getting real-time photographs of the locations they plan visiting. Thus, those who seek to visit New York (for example) and wish to see an actual photograph of the Statue of Liberty, can immediately send an app request to all persons in the area. [...]

Oilfield Calendar App Review: Keep Your Life Organized!

Android apps are definitely getting more and more specific with developers considering even the smallest need of definite users of their app. The Oilfield Calendar is one such application, specially created for Oilfield families allowing them to set aside dates, plan, and organize their lives accordingly. How It Works: The Oilfield Calendar basically lets you [...]

IQTELL: Manage Your Emails, Tasks and Projects the Smart Way

I run a small business and of late managing my tasks and emails has gotten a little strenuous. A friend of mine referred an app named IQTELL. This is the first app of its kind that integrates Evernote, emails, tasks and calendars to help get things done more efficiently. First, you’ll have to add all [...]

Make Dinner Reservations or Even Call an Ambulance with Ease Using HelpPhone

I am a regular traveler and finding things in a different country can be really hard. Booking a room, hailing a cab, or even making dinner reservations can be troublesome at times. Even though I access the Web on my phone, I find myself going back and forth between sites, unable to make a decision. [...]

Text Your Friends All Day & Share the Fun with BlueChatBox

I was getting bored of those many, yet outdated texting apps that I had on my Android and was looking to use something new and different. I wanted an app that could bring more color and more emotions to the screen. Looking through the Play Store I fished out an app called BlueChatBox. BlueChatBox is [...]

Tim Tim – Earn Free Talk Time – An Innovative and Rewarding App

Mobile devices are a great tool for getting information on the go, but also for finding new and interesting apps. Often, people have a fun time just browsing the apps on the offer, and then choosing what to install and check out. Now, there is an exciting new app that actually combines the idea of [...]

Droid4X: The Perfect Android Emulator For PC/Mac

Droid4X is an Android Emulator, meaning that it perfectly resembles the experience you would get on a new smartphone or tablet, except it uses the computer hardware for this purpose. This implies great news for people with older smartphones and tablets, as this implies the ability to play newest games right on PC/Mac without having [...]

Clarisketch: Sketch, Record & Convey Your Message with Clarity

I was taking a casual glimpse through the Play Store when I found an app called Clarisketch. Clarisketch helps you convey messages to your friends and family in a very clear way. You can do this by giving them sketches to refer to, and also by recording your voice. I, for one, use Clarisketch to [...]

Ask for Translations or Help Others with Translations (and Earn Money!) on Flitto

I am a person who works a lot on social networking sites and my job gets very tedious when I am not able to understand a word on the given page. This can make my day very frustrating. I really rejoice when I get a client who makes we work on a page in my [...]

Mobizen – Your Android, Anywhere – Easy PC Access to a Mobile Phone

Mobile devices are a great tool for many different purposes. Because of their flexibility and versatility, they are a great help in both private and professional lives. That is the reason why many people all over the globe carry them and use them on a daily basis. In fact, in the last couple of years, [...]