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Anytime Gallery for Wear: Sync Photos between Watch and Phone

Anytime Gallery for Wear is a new Android app which allows smart watch users to easily synchronize their photos between the phone and watch, and even transfer photos (wireless) to the actual virtual memory of the watch. This app comes with support for both round and square smartwatches. How it Works? – First of all, [...]

Blendolous: A Fun and Addictive Android Puzzle Game

Blendolous is a new game for Android devices which provides players with a simple objective, namely the one of combining and merging blocks. All color blocks in the game need to be combined, and when this happens, their color changes. Ultimately, the majority of color will get to be blacked after a number of successful [...]

MailDroid – Free Email App – The Ultimate and Comprehensive Email Platform

While the years are passing by, even in the constantly changing world of the IT technologies, the old email system is still one of the most relevant ways of communicating and exchanging information. Even now, in the age of mobile devices, most people still rely on emails in their private and professional lives. Naturally, this [...]

Parrot – Voice Recorder – An Exceedingly Useful Sound Recorder App

For many mobile device users, recording voice and other audio input are sorely unused. Most rely on text and video, but on many occasions, audio recordings can be the ideal means of communication. By using the Parrot Voice Recorder, any Android user can receive the ideal tool for this exact purpose.  Parrot is a free [...]

Sony Confirms: Pop-Up Notifications Are Coming to Android Wear

Pop-Up Notifications Can Show Up on Smart Watches. But Will Users Want Them?   Sony confirmed in an announcement that Android Wear will have some interesting new features that– depending on your taste as a user– could be fantastic or potentially annoying. Besides font control (which most people will like as they can adjust the [...]

Deepify App for Android: Photos That Come to Life

Deepify: Photo-to-3D Wallpaper is an Android app, which aims to change the current manner in which users looks at the wallpaper part of the device. What it does is to bring to life photos in a unique 3D manner, which is unlike anything that is present in common live wallpaper. It does react in a [...]

DeStressify-PRO Stress Relief – An Exquisite App for Replacing Stress with Tranquility

Stress is, without any doubt, one of the most important medical affliction issues of the modern world. The pressures and the unrelenting tempo of the contemporary life often lead to stress forming. With stress, a long and tedious array of medical issues also arises, many of which can seriously impact the health of an individual. [...]

Now You Can Use Google to Find Your Android Device

Parts of Android Device Manager Have Arrived in Google Search   If you’ve ever had the annoyance of losing your Android phone somewhere in the house and you can’t figure out where it is, Google it! That’s the newest upgrade now available to Android users, as components of Android Device Manager can now be used [...]

Learn Wing Chun App: The Handy App for Learning Wing Chun as You Go

If you’re one of those people who have watched Donnie Yen’s trilogy movie of “Ip Man”, you might find yourself interested in learning Wing Chun. Learning a form of martial arts is always an advantage since you can always use your practical knowledge of it especially in self-defense. Wing Chun, romanised form Ving Tsun, is [...]

All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) – An App that Covers an Entire Android Optimization Process

Since All-In-One Toolbox Android cleaner appeared on the mobile device application market, the same app set a new standard in the maintenance of this operating system. Is a phone getting slow or it is not providing its user with enough save space? All-In-One Toolbox (Cleaner) can take care of these and many more other issues. [...]