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Balance Your Career & Family Life using TimeReport

I recently read an article on how important it is to balance your work life with your private life. It got me thinking of times when I have unwittingly prioritized work. To help me out I downloaded an app named TimeReport. The app helps you keep track of your work schedule, giving you a detailed [...]

Clevork: Keep Track of Projects, Employee Activities & Revenue

I was reading through a survey the other day and noted that most MNCs lose out on their revenue due to lack of proper management. When I say ‘lack of proper management’ I refer to being slack in documentation, failing to keep track of time, and not being aware of the status of ongoing projects. [...]

The LG G Flex 2 versus the LG G3: Is it Time to Upgrade?

While the G3 is a Solid Phone, The Flex 2 Looks Towards the Future Because of all the interest in the LG G3 in 2014, reviewers have deservedly high expectations for the LG G Flex 2. They will not be disappointed. While many of the features of the LG G3 are functionally the same in [...]

Enjoy Unique & Unlimited Video Chats & Group Calls with Rounds

I have a huge circle of friends that I associate with on a regular basis. Being a single woman in a foreign country and away from my friends and family, I definitely need an app that can make communicating with my loved ones on a daily basis a breeze. To make things simple I downloaded [...]

Lollipop’s Arrived, So Why is No One Using It?

The Latest Android is Seeing Less Than a Tenth of Jellybean’s Numbers a Month After Release   Android 5.0, codenamed Lollipop, promised a radical change in the Android ecosystem. Since the month into its official release, the mobile OS has garnered less than .1% of the Android market. By way of comparison, Android 4.1, Jellybean, [...]

Strive to Complete Missions & Lose Yourself in a Game of Hoverdroid

I just have to say it out LOUD; I had an awesome time playing Hoverdroid, a realistic physics-based game. I, for one, am not used to playing games like this at all, at all. I was checking out my brother’s Droid when I found Hoverdroid 3D: RC hovercraft. On seeing the colorful images I was [...]

Find & Read All that You Need on Canword

I am a person who loves to read. I find my interest in reading increasing over the years, and the topics that I read on just keep on growing. To quench my thirst I usually download apps that give me stories and articles on topics of interest. I recently found a news reader app named [...]

Hunt Down Monsters to Save Don Don Castle!

Since I spend most of my traveling hours playing games, I usually opt for games of action or adventure that can be enjoyed offline. I recently found a game named Don Don Castle by Cosen, which is about a fortress that has been taken over by dangerous and vile monsters. Most of the warriors in [...]

Baidu Browser: For an Efficient & Secure Browsing Experience

Browsing on my Droid was getting taxing at times and I was on the lookout for a different browser app. A friend suggested I give Baidu Browser a shot, and I have been pretty impressed with my new find.  On opening the app you’ll find 3 screens, ‘My Favorites’, ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Discovery’, which helps keep [...]

DU Speed Booster: Keep Your Device Free from Trash & Viruses

I am a person who regularly uses my phone to browse the net and play games. As most people do, I too find my mobile slowing down and sometimes getting hanged in the process. This is a result of overload on the memory space, and the viruses that get downloaded with documents that I use. [...]