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Slide-in™: TeamViewer Technology in A Mobile Device — With A Twist

There is no question that the benefits that remote access in computers provides are manifold. Its value in the workplace can’t be doubted; the same can be said even if it is used in a more casual way. The downside is, even if present technology is already gearing towards mobile development, very few apps can [...]

Redbooth – A Robust Teamwork Management Tool

One of the main advantages of the mobile age of the world is now is the possibility of collaboration. Only two decades ago, people working in even the smallest teams were confined to the cumbersome tools they had at their disposal, but which lacked almost all the connectivity, flexibility and scaling that are taken for [...]

Google Still Collects Your Photos if You Delete The Android App

  Potential Privacy Invasion — or Just Part of How Android Works? When David Arnott of BizJournals.com decided to test out the new Google Photos app as an alternative to Flickr, he got a bit more than he bargained for. After taking countless pics with the phone, he deleted the Google Photos App, under the assumption that [...]

Planes Control – An Addictive Air Control Game

The gaming app of Planes Control captures the full extent of the thrilling feeling which comes from working as an Air Traffic Controller. Many films, books, and TV shows have already presented the many interesting aspects of this unusual job, but now, thanks to the game app called Planes Control, anybody can receive the rush [...]

Phil’s Fishin Android App Review

Phil’s Fishin is a free smartphone gaming application by May’s Certified Services LLC that runs on Android and iPhone smartphones. It is a truly authentic and realistic RPG fishing game that will really appeal to people from all walks of life and even more so, fishing enthusiasts. It is easy to learn the game’s plot [...]

The Simple Brain Teaser Game:”Brainer – enhance your memory”

You might be in need of a game that enhance your thinking capacity and prompt your brain into action. This Android app; Brainer – enhance your memory is one of its kind which can perfectly meet such needs and preferences. Created with utmost simplicity, the game is meant to boost someone’s critical way of thinking [...]

Discover the News with SmartNews – It’s The News and Magazine App to Keep You Smart and Stay Smart

With a lot of things happening in the world right now, it is very important to keep up with the news to know what’s happening in your place locally and even abroad. However, there might be times when accessing the news – fresh as it must be – is too hard. Not because you don’t [...]

DU Battery Saver | Power Doctor – Battery and Cooling Management on a New Level

Any mobile device is only as good as its battery life. With better screens and more demanding applications, it is no wonder that actual battery capacity seems to be constantly diminishing. Fortunately, the DU Apps Studio development team decided that it is about time for this to change. Their application, called DU Battery Saver, which [...]

AtHome Camera – Home Security: App for Assuring Home Safety

AtHome Camera – Home Security is a new Android app meant to enhance users’ peace of mind. It acts as a remote monitor and it does not require dedicated CCTV cameras in order to function properly. Some simple USB camera on the computer or another phone’s camera is enough for this app to work efficiently. [...]

The HTC Desire 626G+ Dual SIM

A Fantastic Addition to the HTC Family The HTC Desire 626G+ is a great phone that reflects where smartphones are going in terms of technology standards. Two years ago, this phone would have been revolutionary. Now it’s a positive entry in a very competitive smartphone market.   The first consideration is the display, a 5-inch, HD 1280×720 [...]