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Swizzle – Free Music Streaming: One-Stop Music Playlist Creation App

Mobile devices currently have top caliber audio features that users want to take advantage of. With an Android music app like Swizzle, music playing is much easier even in using online streaming sites like YouTube. Concept and Theme Developed by Ideabove Inc., this music app is designed to mix and loop playlists set in YouTube. [...]

Get Up & Going with Alarmy!

Alarmy is an app that can take the stress out of waking someone (or yourself!) up every morning. You’ll definitely love this app if you have a person in your house who just won’t get out of bed. In my case I needed it for Kevin and George, my son and my husband, respectively. Both [...]

Filamente: The Android App Which Simplifies SharePoint Activities

Filamente – SharePoint Client is an app which iOS users could take advantage of for quite a while, but which is relatively new to the Android marketplace. The app is meant to simplify connections between SharePoint users and provide full-fledged SharePoint functionality on any recent Android smartphone or tablet. The app benefits from secure encryption [...]

WaterBall Android App: A Game That’s Never Boring

One of the latest and most distinguished games for Android users, WaterBall is a simple game that requires both coordination and mental acuity. The whole purpose of the game is to navigate a beach ball through a maze that changes with every level. Concept What makes this app unique is that the maze is littered [...]

Newzbid – A Platform for Monetizing User Generated Content

Today, the global world is in the age of the Internet. This phenomenon became even more prominent in recent years, thanks to the use of mobile devices, and will continue to flourish in the coming decades. But, in the very essence of it lies the flow of information. Just a few decades ago, news and [...]

Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter – Part 2 Of The Game Dedicated To 3D Action Simulator Fans

Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Copter is more than a simple Android release featuring helicopters, it is an innovative game where the player has to pilot a realistic copter in a full 3D environment such as a house, garden or labyrinth. The copter is easy to yield, controls being somewhat similar to those offered by [...]

Fat Jump: Have Fun Jumping High in the Sky

Hey all! I was going through Google Play looking for an app that would be suitable for Jamie, my seven-year-old son, and guess what? I found FAT JUMP for the fat lump! LOL, just saying it out loud gives me a tickle Yes, I had fun with this app. It was very simple, easy to [...]

Retaliation Path of War: A Deceptively Simple War Game

I was looking through Google Play for some fun war games for Alex, my 7-year-old nephew, and came across Retaliation Path of War. As I am not really a passionate gamer, I wasn’t quite sure if he would enjoy it. I quickly took a glimpse at the reviews, and found the game to be something [...]

Anti Theft Charge: Android Device Watch Dog Against Theft

Various apps developed for Android are for entertainment, education, financial and others. However, it would be a wise move to install an additional security app like Anti Theft Charge to make sure Android smartphones are safe even if they are not on their owners’ hands. Concept Developed by Alicia Sykes, Anti Theft Charge is an [...]

Simply Easy Diet Lite: Track Your Diet towards Improved Health

Health is vital nowadays that developers started to create an app designed to focus in improving overall health. One of the many apps targeting health is Simply Easy Diet Lite developed as Android app health diet. Developed by Simply Easy Web LLC, Simply Easy Diet Lite is an Android app designed in tracking down your [...]