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Android Apps Becomes The Next Biggest Player By End Of This Year

As per the Research2Guidance specialist, Google’s Android will be the next biggest player in mobile apps market by end of this year, due to the rate of app submissions.

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While comparing the newly submitted apps on Android Market and Apple App Store in the month of April 2011, 28,000 apps in Android market while 11,000 apps in Apple’s App Store. Totally, this tends to 295,000 apps in Android Market where 68% of apps are free. And iOS leads with maximum of 381,000 apps. However, with the current growth rate of Android is predicted to lead iOS with 425,000 apps by end of this month.

Google Android platform deals with smartphones and tablets at various models, sizes and resolutions. It is more challenging to the developers to compromise all the devices by fixing proper resolution for all and bug less. While comparing this with iOS it only deals with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and its too hard to predict whether the trend continuous or not.

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