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Desire HD and Desire Z To Have Sense 3.0

The xda always puts in their best efforts, and achieve the best way before anyone expects it, they really need a round of applause. This time capychimp and rmk40 at the xda have come up with a ROM based on the leaked HTC Kingdom Gingerbread build, for the Desire HD and the Desire Z, now that’s really an accomplishment…wow!!. They have made quite a match actually, with Fusion ROM, Running Sense 3.0 and Gingerbread (2.3.3) it’s a master piece.


The software is up and running and can be expected to run till the actual Sense 3.0 update comes to the devices, now lets see when that’s going happen, many believe that its going to take forever.

As per the xda, the features that are included are:

Base – Leaked Android 2.3.3 build 0.81.651.0 WWE (Gingerbread)
Kernel: Stock
Busybox, Root, Superuser…
Rom Manager
ES file explorer
Sense 3.0
Extra quick setttings
Languages supported

Well if you need to have more info on the ROM’s please click on the link below to get through to the xda

Via xda rel=“nofollow”>

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