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Google expands Android Wear Smartwatch platform to iOS

A Clear Sign That the Smartwatch Market Has Begun to Heat Up

With Google’s announcement last week that certain Android watches would be capable of limited sync to iPhones, it was another clear sign that Android intends to dominate the smart device market as strongly as it dominates the phone markets. While said rollout for Android watch compatibility with your iPhone is being taken in small steps, it’s clear that Android wants users to know that they don’t need an iOS phone to purchase iOS products. While the phone’s actual syncing abilities will be less than that of an iPhone, users will still be able to get email, phone and message notifications, as well as certain other features such as fitness tips.


The Apple Watch was previously reported to be heading to market a bit more slowly than expected, and Google may be capitalizing on this news to make sure that they can guarantee dominance in the smartwatch market. Android devices that will be capable of syncing to the Apple iPhone are expected to cost as little as a third of the cost of the Apple Watch. If Android succeeds in its goal, it could seriously drive a blow into the intended iOS device ecosystem that Apple has been working towards with their customers over the years, and disrupt Apple’s long term product business model.

Verdict: In the end, many iOS users will opt to go with the Apple Watch, and it is as simple as that. Android seems to be betting on the user that may like one iOS device but is not married to the iOS ecosystem, and if they’re willing to create a compatibility layer, they may know something about a weakness in Apple’s market that we don’t– so stay tuned.

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