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Google Pulls Siri From Android Market

Google removed the controversial ‘Siri for Android’ app from the Android Market.

An app development company called Official Software launched an Android voice recognition app on December 28. They named it as Siri to imitate Apple’s voice command personal assistant software. Therefore, in Android Market, this app enjoyed recognition as ‘Siri Official App”. All this fake Siri did was load Google’s own voice command software, Voice Actions.


Apart from using the name, this app also thieved Apple’s Siri icon. Finally, Google stepped in to remove the Siri for Android from the Android Market and the old URL is now invalid. This app was downloaded more than a thousand times before it was removed. Though, Google was fast to react, its system raises the risk of copyright breaches.

There is also another app called Speerit, that claims to be REAL Siri for Android, still available in the Android Market.

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