Redbooth – A Robust Teamwork Management Tool

One of the main advantages of the mobile age of the world is now is the possibility of collaboration. Only two decades ago, people working in even the smallest teams were confined to the cumbersome tools they had at their disposal, but which lacked almost all the connectivity, flexibility and scaling that are taken for granted today. But, even with many great tools that are available today, apps like Redbooth show that is always possible to advance even further.

Business Collaboration App

  This Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play service and installed on a device that uses the same operating system version 4.0 or up. The app’s main purpose and the basic concept are to provide its users with an ultimate mobile collaboration tool. On it, any size team will be able to work and manage their dealings on a significantly larger level.

The app provides an encompassing system for communication, sharing and collaboration tasks in a single platform. It provides these options in a number of varied features. These include the syncing option that equates all versions of all used files and on all users’ devices. The same option is available thanks to the Redbooth location on a dedicated cloud service called the Redbooth Private Cloud which is open to all users of the app. Additionally, it can be integrated with an array of third-party services including Dropbox, SharePoint Online, Evernote, Google Gmail and Drive, Outlook, Box and much more. It features a system of project tracking, feedback, and updating, which makes work in a team easy while a chat feature covers the need to communicate in real time. A messaging system offers the same feature in a delayed manner, and all of these are covered by customizable notifications that arrive directly on all integrated devices.

Teamwork Management Tool

  The thing, which really separates this app from its competitors, is the overall integration of these functions in a stable cross-platform system. By forwarding communication to a cloud, the system is infinitely scalable, so a small team can start working with it and allow it to gradually grow with the very big team it is assisting. Additionally, because the same integration is fully connected with a potent search function, all data in the system can easily be found. This search function covers everything from chats to entire projects, which is crucial for many business opportunities that demand fast reaction. With this effective and speedy approach to the everlasting question of how to manage work in the modern age, Redbooth is simply without any real competition in this field.

Redbooth app is a great system for managing teamwork using an integration of computers and Android mobile devices. Thanks to its robustness, effectiveness and a very deep process of integration, it is currently one of the best solutions of its kind on the market.


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