Effectively Manage Multiple Email Accounts in a Single Inbox using Mailwise

I find myself reading my mails on my Droid more often than before, as I hardly have the time to look into my PC. I found myself shuffling through different mail accounts at the same time and this eventually became quite hard and frustrating. Going through the Play store the other day, I found an app named Email for Exchange & Hotmail + also known as Mailwise. Mailwise is an app that helps you effectively manage multiple email accounts in a single inbox.

Email for Exchange & Hotmail App

The first thing about the app that I like is that it can be used to set up multiple email accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, Outlook,, Gmail, MSN, IMAP and GMX. Since I can open all my accounts in one email client app, I need not go back and forth while I check my mails. The other thing about the app that I just love is that the app arranges all my emails in the form of conversations, removing the excess content such as headers and signatures.

Mailwise is safe and secure to use as it stores all your mails in your device and not in the cloud, preventing information leak from the server. The app can be used to manage your ActiveSync Exchange too. Another feature of the app that I took a liking to was how it groups email threads from the same sender together, helping you scroll through an entire conversation in one go.

Android Email for Exchange & Hotmail App

You can enable and disable avatars and also sort your inbox by unread or starred. The app also helps with quick email searches while looking for older emails, and lets you manage your contacts easily.

No more switching through email accounts on my Droid; with Mailwise I am able to access and keep track of my mails with ease.

Rating: 4/5

Price: Free

Download from Android Market

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