Badanamu Alphabet Talk & Trace – A Fantastic Educational Tool for Your Kids

Learning to read and write is a crucial requirement for any child in the world. Many times, parents are really stressed about this issue, constantly wondering if their daughters and sons are progressing in this field. A few decades before, this process was something that lasted more than a year, mainly because the kids were expected to get a solid grasp of the basic alphabets. Now, using modern technology and mobile devices, this does not have to be the case.

Alphabet Learning App

Today, like any parent already knows, using Smartphone and tablets is something that kids already enjoy. With an app called Badanamu Alphabet, this fact can be combined with a great learning interactive process. With it, kids can be taught their alphabets in a fun and interesting educational environment while the things they learn will still be a great asset in their future.

Badanamu Alphabet was designed for the Android devices and can be downloaded from the Google Play store. With devices that operate on the Android operating system 2.3.3 or a later version, anyone can teach their child the alphabet in an easy way. The main concept of the app is the presentation of letters along with other things like sounds and movement of this child’s finger on the screen.

The app features fun and exciting quizzes where kids are expected to match sounds to appropriate letters. Other features cover characters whose animations will allow kids to remember the same letters. Additionally, the app features a way of shaping letters with a finger, where the child can learn strokes that make up all of the 26 letters in both lower and upper case. The feature of ordered strokes for writing purposes will be especially useful for the educational needs of young or fresh learners. Finally, the app’s features will allow users to learn three words that being on each alphabet letter and help in building up the kid’s vocabulary. 

Kids Alphabet Learn Educational App

The visual design of the app is very interesting. Its main screen consists of a yellow background with lines for writing, meaning to represent a school notebook. This alone shows how much did the developers make sure that everything about the app points towards the atmosphere of learning and education. But then, the users are introduced to the app’s main graphic elements, including animals, numbers and letters which all need to be pressed or manipulated by the kids who are playing with them. Here, it is also clear that the developers put in additional effort to produce vibrant, but lifelike graphics, making them very engaging for the children. The entire vibrant visual identity of the app makes it stand greatly from any of its competitors.

By using Badanamu Alphabet and its Talk & Trace approach, any parent can just sit back and relax while their child successfully learns alphabets on their Android mobile device.


Price: Free

Rating: 4/5

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