BOTO the Pink Dolphin – An Educational Game App Review

Children learn by seeing and listening. Therefore, if any one of these elements are missing, then they won’t learn as fast as they should. That’s the reason why BOTO the Pink Dolphin, is one of the most preferred educational games for children of all ages. They simply listen to the story as it unfolds, watch what’s happening and take part in it as well. That’s the beauty of this app on your child’s Android smartphone.

BOTO the Pink Dolphin for Android

The concept is so simple. Your young one will read and listen to the story as it unfolds, while playing at the same time, to enhance both their cognitive ability as well as creative learning. It’s an adventure story of Dolphin characters and what they do under the water. Consequently, it’s a thrilling game that every child will be able to enjoy.

So we have it that this education game was designed by Children Creativity Institute researchers. It has the right characters for learning and playing where kids are concerned.

The reason why children will learn a great deal is because this app comes with a variety of features to make gaming and learning a breeze for theme. Narration is in English, Japanese and even Korean languages, which is advantageous since it helps kids developing reading skills and experience with other languages as well.

Other features Include:

– It has a unique learning feedback capability for parents to be able to gauge their kid’s performance, development and even teaching methods.
– In every stage, the kid will be given instructions for learning to enhance their recognition ability and learning capabilities.
– In the 6th stage, the kid will be required to participate in creative drawing to sharpen their originality, creativity, flexibility, sensitivity and so forth.
– At the end of every stage, parents get a report on their children’s grade.

How it Works?

The app is broke into Boto 1 and 2. The first stage involves locating the mysterious fruit. Here, they go through content by stages. For example, they need to fit the puzzles together, find friends hiding under-sea, figure out the correct color of pebbles to fulfill missions, and capture a picture diary of lead character BOTO, the Pink Dolphin.

Android BOTO the Pink Dolphin Educational Game

In BOTO 2(which is shark, pirates and the crystal), they’ll need to locate silhouettes of Boto and friends, put together the broken pieces of castle gate, cross the lava cliff before time elapses, win battles against shark, the pirates and his gang, and so forth.


No doubt this education game is a must-have for kids, and parents should definitely download it for their young ones to enhance various aspects of their learning. It’s currently riding on 4.3 out of 5 stars, so it’s a lovely educational app for kids.

Price: Free
Rating: 5/5

Download from Android Market

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