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 Choose from Over 10,000 Amorous Quotes for Your Special Someone  

Heartfelt messages that you exchange between you and your friends, family, and partner every now and then undoubtedly do a lot of good in strengthening your various relationships. However, there are probably times when you just can’t seem to find the right words to accurate describe your feelings and emotions; to those who are not that gifted in this area, words just become lame approximations.

And, for most of us, it is during these times that we just rely on researching offline or online for beautiful love quotes and messages that would suit the occasion. If you yourself have an inclination to search for messages which could fluently and precisely relay your affections, then you’ll definitely love Best Love SMS, Status & Quotes.

The app, which has a simple romantic design and interface, gives greater focus on romantic quotes and status, but it is not limited to those types of quotes, though. The user can choose from up to five main SMS categories, namely: Love SMS, Valentine SMS, Friendship SMS, Greeting SMS, and Birthday SMS. Their content are quite self-explanatory based on their titles alone. Love SMS contain messages that you would probably want to share with your significant other or spouse. It differs from the Valentine SMS category, which are messages and quotes that fit only that specific occasion. These two categories contain messages that are more passionate and deeply affectionate.

Best Love SMS, Status & Quotes:                                                                       Best Love SMS, Status & Quotes

On the other hand, the Friendship SMS, as its name implies, are perfect quotes to share with your best friend and other acquaintances. The same goes for the Greeting SMS, which contain appropriate greetings for multiple occasions and daily scenarios, and best used as a Facebook status. Lastly, the Birthday SMS are messages that are solely for the said occasion.

It’s extremely easy to use the app as you need only to pick a category, scroll through its numerous quotes, then pick one that you can immediately share. You can share using the app or you can just copy the quote and use it on other external platforms. What makes things better is the fact that the developers are constantly researching new romantic quotes according to their trend, so you can always be certain that a lot of people, young or old, would be able to appreciate and relate to your chosen quotes.

Not a lot of apps of its kind could boast of being able to offer thousands of love quotes for people to use not only for romantic occasions and moments but for familial and friendly correspondence as well. It is this sheer amount of content that makes Best Love SMS, Status & Quotes unique and useful, so much so that you’ll probably needn’t consult your friends, think of your own, or search the Net for intimate messages to share ever again.


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