Browse for Videos, Music, Books and a lot more With All In Your Hands

Do you keep juggling between multiple apps for your educational and entertainment needs? By installing an app named All In Your Hands, you can put an end to this practice. This app takes care of almost all your browsing requirements by letting you search for books, videos, songs, places and social networks.


All In One Music&Video App


On the app’s homepage you can see a list of icons for videos/music, FIFA 2014, books, map, weather forecast and chat. Click the Play button, select the music or video option and choose the category to search for your favorite videos or music. The app has an inbuilt player to play audio and video files.

This app has a section devoted to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil. You can publish ads to rent out apartments or houses during the football world cup, by paying the advertisers. To read a book, tap the book icon, key in the name of the book and conveniently read it from the app. With All In Your Hands, you can view text files in different formats.

You can get to know your locality in and out by selecting the Map option. You just need to enter the name of the street, locality and city to get all the information you require. With this app you can get the weather report on a daily basis, and find out the weather forecast for the next six days.

This free app has certain features for which you need to pay. For instance, you can get rid of the ads, by making an in-app purchase. This app has a paid messenger service with which you can chat with other users who are online. All In Your Hands has a user-friendly interface which helps users navigate between pages easily.

All in One Books App at Your Hand


The app is available in English and Portuguese-Brazil. A feature which this app lacks is a separate section for social media. One of the aspects I like the most in the app is the option to search for videos/music by categories such as pets & animals, sports, short movies, travel, pop, metal, classic rock, jazz and punk. All In Your Hands is a cool app that guarantees a hassle-free browsing experience for various entertainment needs.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5


Download from Android Market

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  1. Really nice app that you have shared with us. I am also search like this stuff. Entertainment is the most important thing in our life because without it we cannot perform our duties well. What PC users connected to the Internet and the World Wide Web today, why so popular? The answer is simple – it's free access to all kinds of information from around the world, accessible to any user who is in any, even the most remote corner of our country. But under free access to information in this case involves not only an opportunity to obtain news reports from various news agencies, but also the ability to view the most up to date video and novelties of film.

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