Puli- The Official Fan App: Get the Latest Official News about Vijay’s Much-Anticipated Fantasy Film

Chimbu Deven’s fantasy-adventure film, Puli, has been in development for years now; it has undergone significant changes in casting, as well as in the producers who are willing to shoulder its mounting production costs. Public interest in the film never died, though, and even grew when news came out the ever-popular Vijay has taken on the lead role.


Indeed, such is the hype of this film that fan apps have already been created just to satiate the curiosity of many fans who can’t wait to see this truly epic film. From the ones that are already available in the Google Play Store, Puli- The Official Fan App is quite apparently the app that provides more in-depth details about the film.

This plenitude is evident in the app’s main menu alone, as with each of the main tabs, the user will be given all the of information about the film that he’ll ever need and want. The developers certainly knew what fans wanted the most as they have made separate categories for many sought-after elements of the film like Stills’ and Songs’; most especially songs because Tamil films are never really complete without them.

Besides these fan favorites, the user will also be kept up-to-date with all the latest scoops about the film in the News’ tab. If they want to know who’s playing who, then the Cast’ tab will give them all the information about the actors and actresses involved in the film. For all the details about the people working behind the scenes, they need only to click the Crew’ tab.


The Trailers’ tab showcases the official trailer and teaser of the film; both of which are worth seeing for its awe-inspiring focus on the film’s epic special effects, choreography, and music. Audience feedback, once the film debuts, can be left and viewed on the Reviews’ tab as well. 

Puli- The Official Fan App is clearly on a league of its own, with apps like Vijay’s Puli’ and Puli Movie Songs’ being the only ones which are closely related it. Compared to these two, though, this app is miles ahead, considering the fact that it’s pretty much the app that provides more accurate and complete details that concern the film. This is why if you’re one of the many fans who can’t wait for opening night to come, then this app could very well ease the pain of anticipation that most epic blockbuster movies, which Puli is clearly bound to be, are wont to unintentionally inflict on their eager audience. 

Price: Free

Ratings: 4.6/5

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