Raining coins? – A New Adventure Game for Android

Raining coins? is a new game title for Android released by the Crazysoft GR team and which comes with an entirely unique gaming concept. Players have to control Eve, a bubbly girl who wishes to save money for a new trampoline. This may seem easy at first, as money keeps pouring from the sky, but subsequent rounds show that it’s not exactly this way. Various elements increase gameplay difficulty throughout such as thunders, moving clouds, canons, birds and more.

Raining coins for Android Game


* Multiple Different Rounds
Players have to complete in 80 different rounds and while the first ones may seem particularly easy to complete, after round 10 the real challenge begins to show up. For completing each round players receive a certain number of coins which can be exchanged in the shop for cool prizes, such as power-ups, wardrobe items, accessories and more.

* 2 Different Power-Ups
For levels that seem too difficult to complete players can choose to take advantage of the 2 different power-ups available, namely Piggy Bank and Skyline. The first one is meant to expand the size of piggy bank, being able to be used multiple times per round. Second is meant to draw a line between cloud and the ground for the purpose of helping players to position better. To start with, players who sign in using a Google+ accounts are awarded 3 uses of the 2 power-ups, which get recharged daily.

* Challenging Levels
Rounds keep increasing in difficulty as the player advances. While first round only features a static cloud that throws coins and lightning bolts, round 20 features multiple moving clouds, canons, birds which steal coins and more.

* Different Types of Controls
Players can choose between default touch-screen movement (point), joystick control or steering the device (this setting is more difficult in this game, hence why users are rewarded 2x more coins for using it).

Android Raining coins Free Game

Graphics and Gameplay Functionality:

The game features sublime graphics, especially since it features FullHD screen support. Animation is smooth at all times, however players have to extremely careful in moving the character on the street, as even a slight wrong positioning could imply that the coin bounces off the piggy bank and falls on the ground, case in which it is impossible to recover. Players have to finish each round with at least 50% coins gathered, otherwise it is implied as failure. For each successful round (depending on completion level) a specific number of coins are attributed to player’s account, which can be used for purchasing various upgrades in shop.


Raining coins? is a truly special title which features an innovative concept and plenty of interesting features that keep maintaining interest while one progresses. This game is most suitable for kids and youngsters.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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