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Baby Skills: A Great Window to Your Little Bundle of Joy’s Growing Up Years

In the past, parents often used baby books and journals to record their child’s progress, especially in his developmental years. These not only ensure that they are developing optimally, but they also surely serve as good remembrances of his infancy and toddler stages. Surely, it is bound to become a trophy that you and your child can be proud of in the future as well, showcasing the time and effort that you dedicated to raising him.

Baby Skills is practically an app that fulfills a similar purpose, but with the help of technological advantages, you would also gain a detailed view of basically all the factors involved in your child’s development. In fact, the features of this app are pretty much discernible from its title alone. It serves a more educational purpose since it centers on an infant’s basic skills. It does this, for instance, by providing you with checklists that you can freely personalize.

Want to track your child’s reading skills? Then learn more about how a child’s reading skills is usually developed by checking out the Literacy category under Skills. You would be given a checklist in this specific category, and it’s your job to observe your child if he exhibits any or all of them.

Literacy is but one of the many hundreds aptitudes that this app covers, and you can be certain that your child’s overall development would be ensured. Other aptitudes include Physical, Personal, Language, World, Numeracy, Creativity, and Growth. Each one has its own set of checklists as well. This is what makes this app’s personalized development tracker feature work and why it’s very convenient. Every information is available for the parent, and he has every freedom to customize each checklist.

All your needed information would be shown to you in graphs and charts for easy observation of progress and detection of trends. You can even opt to compare your child’s development to others of his age in order to easily identify the fields that he needs to improve on as well as the one’s the he needs to be consistent in.

Parents are even encouraged further by the trophies and achievements that they can earn while using the app. Every time they reach a milestone in their child’s progress, these will be rewarded promptly to them. All of this tracking is complemented by a diary and journal as well, from which parents make their own notes for future reference. Of course, it also wouldn’t hurt to share your baby’s development and your achievements to others, right? What’s good is that the app also has a News section from which you can share your progress with your family and friends, and vice versa, using text and photos.

This app certainly stands out from other apps that focus on a baby’s growth with its focus on keeping track of the different important skills that your child needs to develop in his formative years. The ability to easily share his development and your pride as a parent to others serves as the icing on the cake. No other baby app has offered this level of comprehensiveness, which is why this makes it perfect for parents who would like nothing less than to have his child attain his highest capabilities.

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