Anytime Gallery for Wear: Sync Photos between Watch and Phone

Anytime Gallery for Wear is a new Android app which allows smart watch users to easily synchronize their photos between the phone and watch, and even transfer photos (wireless) to the actual virtual memory of the watch. This app comes with support for both round and square smartwatches.

Android Wear Photo Gallery App

How it Works?

– First of all, one needs to select the albums that should be transferred or synchronized to the watch

– Second of all, with the watch in hand (or at the wrist), one needs to select an available album

– Then photos can be visualized by swiping left/right. 

– Users can view the current number of photos on top, as well as zoom in and out by pinching fingers

– Each long tap on the photo enables users to either go to photo, delete photo from the watch or Exit current album


– Auto-Sync Interval

Users can select an auto-sync interval period as for the photos to be automatically displayed on the smart watch. This interval can be of 30 minutes or couple hours.

– Possiblity to Transfer/Synchronize Albums

One can select which albums to be transferred or synchronized with the aid of this app. However, it is to be mentioned that in the free version of the app only 20 photos can be synced. Full version enables users to sync as many photos as desired.

– Access to all Photos in Phone Memory as well as SD Card

All photos available on the smartphone are detected by this app, so users can transfer or sync any of them to the smartwatch. In addition, photos are grouped based on their album (Camera/Downloads/Bluetooth/CustomName etc) so that they can be identified more easily.

Photo Gallery app for Android Wear Watch

– Support for Zoom Feature

This app adds the ability to zoom on any given picture straight on the smartwatch. Once the photo is successfully transferred to the smartwatch or synced, users can simply pinch the screen in order to zoom in / out on it.

– Simple and Neat Design

The app comes with a simple and clean design, and thus can be easily used even by those who are new to this technology. Once the app is installed on phone, all current albums are detected and one can transfer/sync them to the smartwatch with just one tap. Then, they become available on the watch where users also benefit from enhanced app functionality (exit album, delete from watch, zoom in or out, etc.)


Anytime Gallery for Wear represents a great app for all those who own a smart watch and wish to synchronize their photos with it or even transfer them to the watch permanently. The app is small in size and can be installed in a matter of seconds. It is compatible with smartphones running Android 4.3+


Price: Free

Rating: 4.7/5

Download from Android Market

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