IQTELL: Manage Your Emails, Tasks and Projects the Smart Way

I run a small business and of late managing my tasks and emails has gotten a little strenuous. A friend of mine referred an app named IQTELL. This is the first app of its kind that integrates Evernote, emails, tasks and calendars to help get things done more efficiently.

First, you’ll have to add all your email accounts to the app, and then go to the ‘EZ Inbox’ where you’ll find all your selected accounts in a list. By swiping left you get a ‘macro bar’ where you can delete, archive, move emails to folders, and make replies. By swiping right you get to use your productivity options, and this is where you can turn emails into tasks, set reminders, send emails to Evernote and link messages to projects. Even emails can be directly archived from here, by a single tap.

IQ TELL Email app and GTD for Android          Android IQTELL Email and GTD

Once you archive your emails you can remove them from your inbox, giving you more space. This not only keeps you organized but helps you keep track of your mails at hand and tasks to be completed. When all your completed mails are in your archive, you can batch edit them, or open any email to swipe through your entire inbox.

Keeping your project emails together will become easier with IQTELL. While working on your tasks or projects, all related emails stay linked. You can view an email right from the initiation of the project down to its completion with just a simple swipe. Using the app you can set reminders, due dates, and take notes on your projects. These notes can be viewed on Evernote as well. Using Evernote, you can tag notes of your choice, turn them into actions with subtitles, and manage them on IQTELL as well.

The usage of the app depends on your requirement. You can use it on your phone, your tab and on your PC as an open web app. Since everything on IQTELL is backed up to the cloud, any changes made on your phone, tab or web app get updated automatically. The app can serve the purpose of a customizable productivity system or can be used as a to-do list as well.

Before using IQTELL everything seemed unorganized and all over the place. I was missing out on deadlines, forgetting to respond to my mails, overlooking appointments, and this cost me both my reputation and my business as well. Now with IQTELL I have become more systematized.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from Android Market

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