DU Speed Booster: Keep Your Device Free from Trash & Viruses

I am a person who regularly uses my phone to browse the net and play games. As most people do, I too find my mobile slowing down and sometimes getting hanged in the process. This is a result of overload on the memory space, and the viruses that get downloaded with documents that I use. To solve the issue a friend of mine suggested DU Speed Booster. The app helps you enhance background apps, clear junk and cache files, improve on memory space, optimize battery power, and secure your phone from viruses, as well. 

Most of the time I find myself hesitating to download gaming apps, as they make my phone slow down even more. But, after using DU Speed Booster the storage space on my SD card is a lot more, as the junk regularly gets cleared. Now my phone’s speed has been boosted up by 60%. Yippee!! 

                  Android Speed Booster App                   Device Clean Master & Optimizer App 

DU Speed Booster comes with a speed accelerator that can increase the speed of your device  when you tap on the ‘Optimization’ button. When you do so, it cleans all background processes, freezes apps that are of not much purpose (after careful analysis), disables auto-start apps, kills tasks, and cleans memory to boost the speed of your Droid. The ‘Game Boosting’ feature supports game operation, makes gameplay smooth, and boosts FPS. The ‘Apps Manager’ feature allows you to organize and clean stored apps. DU Speed Booster installs and uninstalls apps in batches, keeping your Android at top speed at all times. This feature also allows you to move your apps from your phone to your SD card to keep your phone memory free. 

The feature named ‘DU Security’ is an antivirus scanner and permission manager that checks apps and docs for Trojans and viruses. The trash cleaner cleans your Droid and SD card, boosting the performance of your device. The app supports 17 languages and I find it very useful.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

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