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Simply Easy Diet Lite: Track Your Diet towards Improved Health

Health is vital nowadays that developers started to create an app designed to focus in improving overall health. One of the many apps targeting health is Simply Easy Diet Lite developed as Android app health diet. Developed by Simply Easy Web LLC, Simply Easy Diet Lite is an Android app designed in tracking down your [...]

Browse for Videos, Music, Books and a lot more With All In Your Hands

Do you keep juggling between multiple apps for your educational and entertainment needs? By installing an app named All In Your Hands, you can put an end to this practice. This app takes care of almost all your browsing requirements by letting you search for books, videos, songs, places and social networks.     On [...]

Shows2Go – A Remarkable Tool to Watch Live T.V and Movies

Are you a movie buff who likes to watch a fixed set movies for each week? Here is an app named Shows2Go which brings all your favorite movies and T.V shows under one roof. This app reduces the time and effort you spend on searching for movies and T.V shows in different online sources. App [...]

Flappy Tap 3D – An Enjoyable & Addictive Tap-to-Fly Game

Have you ever wanted to soar in the sky like a bird? You can get your dream realized through Flappy Tap 3D. It is an easy game to play, but scoring points is not as easy as it seems! It requires an acute sense of timing and precise judgment. If you love flying games, you [...]

MoWeather App Review – Keeping Track On Weather Changes

As its name suggests MoWeather is simply a weather app and it can be very useful and fun to use. It is in fact the best weather app in 2014 out of the series of Android weather apps available becaue many of its users have given it a positive review. It is a great quality [...]

Antivirus Privacy Firewall By SnoopWall – The Ultimate Mobile Firewall

One thing I love about smartphones is that they are less prone to digital viruses while they do quite a great job working as portable, palm comfty computers. And of course, who could deny the whole android technology with its power to run the finest mobile apps of today. While android phones are seemingly faultless [...]

Spy Recorder Free – This App Will Turn Your Phone Into A Spy Gadget

100% undetectable and free to use, Spy Recorder Free is an app that speaks for itself. Lots of thing have been said about spy recording apps for android. But none of all the apps you’ve seen will even come close to this tiny, yet so powerful voice recording app. It’s special in several unique ways, [...]

3D Pal – Renders A Personality to Your Mobile Device and Makes You Stand Out From Rest!

3D Pal is an application for Android launched by the Irish company Indoirish Software Solutions Limited. The application is available for download on the Google Play. 3D Pal was launched recently, on December 19, 2013. This is one of the top personal assistant applications available on the market. You can use 3D Pal to update [...]

Tokks: The Ultimate Communication Tool for the Android

Methods of communications are seconded of their import these days, especially with all the different devices that have surfaced from the technological sector. One of the biggest hits totally stem from the smartphone market, or particularly the Android handhelds. There are many reasons that can be ascribed to that matter, but the core essence of [...]

NET1IP for Your Android Device – Cheap IDD Calling

One of the biggest innovations of the world can be found in the niche of telecommunications. Just imagine how two persons from different sides of the peninsula are able to talk over the phone. Doesn’t that just amaze you? The only real downside about calling overseas is that it’s not really something affordable to anyone. [...]