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Auto Optimizer – The Best Way of Getting an Android Device Back into Shape

Having a mobile device is a great advantage, mainly because as a tool, the same device can perform a wide range of task. From having fun all the way to working on professional matters, a single Smartphone or a tablet can do it all, especially if they are running on the Android operating system. But, [...]

Geo Reminders & Tasks – MarkO – A Revolutionary New Approach to a Reminder App

Since mobile phones started entering mass use, their embedded reminders were one of the most appreciated features, aside from the communication elements like calls and SMS. With this simple app, users had the power to mark any important moment that is coming up in the future and get notified and reminded when it got closer. [...]

Roundup: A Personalized Social News Reader to Keep Yourself Updated

I was taking a casual look through the Play store when I found a social news reader named Roundup. The app gives you a customized aggregation of news from social networks that you regularly use. As most of the feeds you receive on social networks are cluttered, the most important ones that you actually love [...]

Hunt Down Monsters to Save Don Don Castle!

Since I spend most of my traveling hours playing games, I usually opt for games of action or adventure that can be enjoyed offline. I recently found a game named Don Don Castle by Cosen, which is about a fortress that has been taken over by dangerous and vile monsters. Most of the warriors in [...]

Baidu Browser: For an Efficient & Secure Browsing Experience

Browsing on my Droid was getting taxing at times and I was on the lookout for a different browser app. A friend suggested I give Baidu Browser a shot, and I have been pretty impressed with my new find.  On opening the app you’ll find 3 screens, ‘My Favorites’, ‘Recommendation’ and ‘Discovery’, which helps keep [...]

DU Speed Booster: Keep Your Device Free from Trash & Viruses

I am a person who regularly uses my phone to browse the net and play games. As most people do, I too find my mobile slowing down and sometimes getting hanged in the process. This is a result of overload on the memory space, and the viruses that get downloaded with documents that I use. [...]

Monster Doors: Quality Shooting Game for Android

With thousands of games released each day upon Google’s Play Store, it is extremely difficult to find a game that is unique, eye catching and has a addicting gameplay. Monster Doors sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with all of these features included in a single Android shooting game. The game packs [...]

SyncSmart FTS PRO: Transfer Contacts between Android & iOS by Saving Them to the Cloud

I use both my iPhone and my Android device on a regular basis and was finding it quite hard to constantly update my contacts on both. A friend of mine told me of an app named SyncSmart FTS PRO that can be used to transfer/move/send your contacts cross-platform, from one smartphone to another. Before using [...]

Oilfield Calendar App Review: Keep Your Life Organized!

Android apps are definitely getting more and more specific with developers considering even the smallest need of definite users of their app. The Oilfield Calendar is one such application, specially created for Oilfield families allowing them to set aside dates, plan, and organize their lives accordingly. How It Works: The Oilfield Calendar basically lets you [...]

Droid4X: The Perfect Android Emulator For PC/Mac

Droid4X is an Android Emulator, meaning that it perfectly resembles the experience you would get on a new smartphone or tablet, except it uses the computer hardware for this purpose. This implies great news for people with older smartphones and tablets, as this implies the ability to play newest games right on PC/Mac without having [...]