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DeStressify-PRO Stress Relief – An Exquisite App for Replacing Stress with Tranquility

Stress is, without any doubt, one of the most important medical affliction issues of the modern world. The pressures and the unrelenting tempo of the contemporary life often lead to stress forming. With stress, a long and tedious array of medical issues also arises, many of which can seriously impact the health of an individual. [...]

Learn Wing Chun App: The Handy App for Learning Wing Chun as You Go

If you’re one of those people who have watched Donnie Yen’s trilogy movie of “Ip Man”, you might find yourself interested in learning Wing Chun. Learning a form of martial arts is always an advantage since you can always use your practical knowledge of it especially in self-defense. Wing Chun, romanised form Ving Tsun, is [...]

Simply Easy Diet Lite: Track Your Diet towards Improved Health

Health is vital nowadays that developers started to create an app designed to focus in improving overall health. One of the many apps targeting health is Simply Easy Diet Lite developed as Android app health diet. Developed by Simply Easy Web LLC, Simply Easy Diet Lite is an Android app designed in tracking down your [...]

TaoMix Android App Review: It Lets You Create Amazing Sounds, And Play Them According To The Atmosphere

TaoMix android app is a free mobile application which gives you the opportunity to easily create your very own evolving and relaxing sounds that is appropriate to your environment. This kind of environment is ideal for sleeping, relaxing or even concentrating when performing yoga. The user interface is quite simple to handle. It’s tidy and [...]

Wake Up Fresh Each Morning With The Light Sleep Alarm Clock!

Light Sleep Alarm Clock is one of the most unique android phone apps that keep track of sleeping patterns and gently helps you get up when you are in the light sleep phase. This app has an intuitive and great way of helping you wake up and thus you no more will have to get [...]

Gym Guru – The Premiere Workout Generator and Fitness Application for Android!

Gym guru pro is an android app that is basically a fully featured and add free version of the original Gym Guru. The latter is a fitness app and premiere workout generator for the Android platform and it’s intended for bringing the spark again in anyone’s efforts of toning their body or losing weight. To [...]

Track your Workout Routines Efficiently with GymProvise

Looking for ways to stay motivated at the gym? Wanna get the most out of your workouts? If you are looking for a fitness companion to help you monitor your workout sessions, GymProvise is an app you must try. Whether you are a gym rat or an enthusiastic novice, this app is a handy workout [...]

Fitness Cafe – A Guide to Staying Fit and Healthy

Exercise is one of the effective ways to look younger and fitter. Exercising twice a day reduces unwanted fat from your body, makes you feel confident about your appearance and protects you from flu, cold and other diseases. Workouts improve your mood and help you face day-to-day challenges with increased efficiency. Here is an Android [...]

Get Carbodroid, Drink Water and Stay Healthy

Life has become hectic these days. Apart from skipping breakfast, it was my habit to forget even to drink water sometimes. I did know, it was not a healthy habit, but I was not able to avoid that. Android Market helped me get out of it. rel=“nofollow”> Carbodroid is a free Android app that reminds [...]

Baby ESP App Review

Not many of us can afford to stay at home very long after we have a baby, especially for those working single mom’s, its very hard to cope up with having a baby and minding a carrier at the same time. My deepest regards and respect go to such women all around the world. The [...]