2017: The Year Of The Horror Game

We’ve come a long way since the 80s, when we had our first taste of the horror genre video game. For those of you old enough to remember, Ghost Manor and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein are nothing like this year’s Biohazard. Now the games we play actually have the potential to keep us up at night — and not because we can’t put our controllers down. Better graphics, jump scares, and oppressive soundtracks designed to make us paranoid mean the latest titles can be a little hard to play alone in the dark.

If you’re one of the brave few who can grit their teeth and play through the gruesome, gory, and downright creepy FPS or RPGs, then 2017 will be a banner year for you and your PS4. Keep reading to learn about the upcoming survival horrors slated for a release this year.

Outlast 2


Release Date: April 25 2017

Between the original’s tense atmosphere and solid jump scares, Outlast got our hearts pumping. If the terrifying demo can be trusted, we have high hopes for the sequel following in its footsteps. Outlast 2 will be set in the same universe as the first, but it involves an entirely new set of characters. You’ll play as Blake Langermann, a journalist investigating the murder of a Jane Doe, who was separated from his crew and wife following a helicopter crash. Like Miles Upshur of the original, Langermann can’t fight, so your only line of defence is running away or hiding as you explore an abandoned village after the crash.

Days Gone


Release Date: August 2017

Some of you might be wondering how another post-apocalyptic FPS could bring anything fresh to an over-done genre, but the IP from Syphon Filter had a surprisingly strong showing at E3 2016. Its trailer showed off an open world environment with zombies (or freakers, as the characters call them in-game) sprint at you at a horrifying mach 10. Meanwhile every gruesome detail is shown off in 4K with enough clarity to count the pores in the skin of your character or the blades of grass blowing in the wind. As we get closer to its release date, we’ve learnt that the game relies a lot on softgates and other gameplay variants to determine your experience, which should reinvent the zombie AU just enough to get us sweating.

Allison Road


Release Date: TBD 2017

For those of you anxiously awaiting the release of Kojima’s Death Stranding, Allison Road could provide a distraction until we finally get to see it. In actual fact, it could very well replace PT, the Kojima and del Toro collab that Konami foolishly cancelled. Though it struggled to get off the ground initially, it has since been backed by Team 17, a publisher known for supporting such classics as Alien. We think Allison Road is in good hands, and the trailer supports our theory. Playing as an amnesiac who wakes up alone in a suburban house, you have 5 in-game days to figure out what’s happened to you and your family before the house and its ghostly apparitions turn on you.
Though these are just a taste of some of the biggest horror titles slated for release, they’re impressive in their own right. But before you test out their game play in the dark, we suggest you outfit your console and controllers with custom PS4 skins. PS4 controller skins are a quick addition that can save you in the long run. That’s because the designers behind the best skins are dbrand, a company that uses grip-enhancing vinyl. dbrand has tons of PS4 skins to choose from, but it doesn’t matter what color or texture you opt for — they all come with the same grip that combats sweaty hands and keeps your controller where it ought to be.
After all, you can’t go throwing your controller if you expect to survive the haunted house of Allison Road or escape the feakers in Days Gone. Or is there another game entirely that you’re looking forward to more? Since 2017 is gearing up to be one of the best years for the horror genre, you have plenty of titles to choose from. We just hope none of them get delayed because that would be truly scary.

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