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Monster Doors: Quality Shooting Game for Android

With thousands of games released each day upon Google’s Play Store, it is extremely difficult to find a game that is unique, eye catching and has a addicting gameplay. Monster Doors sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd with all of these features included in a single Android shooting game. The game packs all the ingredients that can provide users with a satisfactory and addicting experience. With its beautiful graphics, rich characters and an intriguing backstory the game is a must to try.

Monster Doors for Android


The game follows a cast of five unique characters trapped in a dungeon, where each door is guarded by a unique set of paranormal monsters. The player has to conquer all the monsters led by their bosses to complete the game. The game creates a unique arcade style gameplay, which is rare to find in an Android shooting game. Monster Doors plunges user in a great experience, containing all the mystery and action of a dark fairy tale. Each level has unique set of characters and bosses, which the players need to beat to escape their deadly prison and earn their freedom.


For any game to keep the players engaged, it is highly important to have a character base that is unique and maintains the flow of the game. Where most Android shooting games have only a few very clichéd characters, Monster Doors packs a cast of 5 characters, with each character having its unique characteristic and abilities. The characters also carry a unique personality with them, from Monk warriors to wizards the game has all that the players can imagine of.


The game has a unique and intriguing gameplay, where players have to become a ghost hunter armed with their unique skills. With 180 exciting stages, the game promises to have no dull moment and keep the players at the edge of their seat with excitement. The controls are highly smooth and intuitive without any lag or delay, enabling the players to enjoy a flawless game playing experience. Monster Doors is one of the top Android shooting game in terms of graphics and gameplay.

Android Monster Doors Game

Graphics and Style

Monster Doors adopts an arcade style, where players get to enjoy the nostalgic feeling of thrill and excitement. While the game adopts a classic style its graphics and visuals are top notch with no frame rate issues or poorly designed background or characters. All the levels are detailed and carry a unique personality, which conveys a sense of quality and class. The characters are detailed and beautifully crafted without a single pixel out of place. Monster Doors has one of the most well designed premise as compared to any other Android shooting game, which lends the game a unique identity and quality that is rare to find in a game that is “Free”.


Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5


Download from Android Market

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