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Rush of Heroes Review: The Ultimate Action RPG Experience Game in Stunning 3D Graphics

To what extent can you fight monsters and bosses along the way to gain treasures? Put yourself in the shoes of an army commander who controls an entire team of self-aware fighters. These are presented to you in stunning visual 3D effects, which bring RPG experience to reality on your Android device. What’s more, there’s always some excitement trying to explore foreign lands, fighting challenges along the way, or even taking part in fishing and mining activities. All this can be found in Rush of Heroes Android game.

RPG Action Game

The Theme of the App:

This is one of a kind parody RPG experience game that incorporates real action and adventure at the same time. There’s no time to slumber because the game is themed with battle in mind. It’s all about raiding your enemies with the intention of fighting and taking away their belongings. Your team of heroes may seem unable to accomplish the battle quest. However, with the right support, that team can perform beyond expectations.


Working of the App:

This app was designed with 3D RPG experience in mind, so you should expect intelligent visuals when you download and install it into your Android device. The game can be downloaded from Google App store. However, before you download it, makes sure your device runs on Android 4.0 or later. The game consumes up to 185MB.

Basically the app can be controlled like any other app that relies on touch screen controls when gaming. Rush of Heroes also comes with a set of instructions to guide you in every stage of playing. 

Monster Shooting RPG Battle

Rush of Heroes Feature:

(a) Over 1,200 different types of items, including Armor and Weapons

To fight these enemies, you will need a strong weapon base, which also means diversification of what you use to fight enemies in battles. There are over 1000 different armor and weapons you can use when playing the game.

(b) Over 160 different types of Skills and Abilities

Unlock at least 40 heroes and you’ll be able to learn to acquire a set of new skills and capabilities. In this game, there are over 40 heroes you can unlock and upgrade. Every hero has their own unique strengths they can use to defeat the enemy. Heroes can also choose the role they want to play, i.e. healer, main tank, mage, rogue and so forth. They can also take part in fishing and mining.

(c) Over 150 quest zones as well as Battle Areas

Treasure hunting is a reality in this game. Finding rare legendary metals is something you’ll want to pursue. And when you take down an entire battalion of fighters, sit down and enjoy sharing the loot amongst yourselves.

PvP Arena Battle Game

(d) Arena PvP Battles and Dungeon Rushes

If you and your heroes manage to fight well in the arena, you will receive huge gold rewards on a daily basis. So if you believe in yourself, aim at taking down these PvP enemies to earn even more rewards.

Why this app is a Unique Piece?

There are very few RPG experience games, which offer stunning graphics in 3D. The images are crisp-clear, and the response to controls is so swift. This app can make you pass time without noticing it. So be careful because it can be addictive though.


Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5


Download from Android Market

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