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Democrazy – the political game – A Intriguing Strategy Gaming App

Strategy games are almost as old as computers themselves. Many decades ago, when the informational science was still young, people were playing chess and other basic strategy games on the most early computer models. Later, the strategy genre became even more prominent, and created a whole market for this kind of games. Now, with the rise of the mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, the same games are beginning to make a big transition to the app platform.

Political Game for Android

While many companies decide to produce strategy game applications which are very simple, almost childish, there are also companies which stay true to the more challenging games. The Zedzag development team is one of those, and they produced a very interesting game app called Democrazy. Unlike their competitors which make basic strategies apps, Zedzag created an intriguing application for the Android market, which is set in the world of US politics.

For all those who believed they could try out their hand at solving the world’s problems, this game will prove ideal. After all, what is a better position to accomplish than from the office of the President of the United States of America? Democrazy offers exactly that, and in the application, the player performs actions which can help them get elected. The game puts the players in the shoes of a public servant who is certain there is a way to make a difference in the political arena. The main aim of the games is to get elected, and this is achieved by a number of real-life processes which need to be completed.

In the player’s HQ, updates about different occurrence are gathered. The players can create fundraisers to gather money, or include themselves in other political activities like funding a lobbyist or financing attack ads against their opponents. Messages notify the player when they are contacted, but the key feature (like in real politics) is naturally money. Players can spend money to help them spread their political message in the hopes of getting noticed by the voting public. In the case the players run out of funds, there is an option to buy additional money in the game itself and keep on advancing their political career.

Android Political Simulation Games

The game features three levels of government, and these are represented in the offices of the mayor of a town, governor of a state and finally the president’s position. The game is very responsive when it comes to the way users play it and use different abilities, so anyone can become either an honest politician how does everything by the book, or a sleazy character that will do anything to get elected. This richness of the in-game world is the main thing which sets apart Democrazy when it is compared to its competing apps.

This application is a very challenging strategy game which will provide many hours of entertainment to all those Android users that love the exciting world of the political arena.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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