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Home Remedies Plus is a must-have for any person who wants to get a detailed compendium of various natural remedies. Categories are organized according to common ailments and conditions like allergies, burns, cold, ulcers, and acne, to cite but a few. Once you tap on an ailment, you would be presented with all the proven natural foods and supplements that you can consume to treat it.

Tapping further on a specific food would take you to an equally detailed but concise overview of the benefits of it to your body. Nonetheless, the real icing on the cake is that the app goes further and provides easy-to-follow instructions on how you should correctly prepare and administer the natural remedy in order for you to successfully treat your ailment. Each one can be favourited so you’ll be able to gain instant access to it, and you can effortlessly send or share it to social media and other third-party platforms.

Verdict: The list of remedies that you would be able to know from the app’s collection alone is all-inclusive enough as it is. What makes things even better is the fact that the developers are continually updating and including new information with the passage of time. For any user who wants only the verified information regarding home remedies, this is the app to get.

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