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Brain Stroming Question app to quick exercise to your brain short term memory, concentration, focus , speed & accuracy. Increase your brain multitasking capability by playing this.Questions will be displayed at a panels. World General knowledge – World GK quiz app contains the MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions) which will helps students & professionals to prepare for competitive exams, refreshing the concepts & boosts confidence. Current Affairs in various categories also supported now like world , technology , science and many more categories with regularly updates.

Now learn each day something new. This applications helps to boost your general knowledge. It has questions from multiple categories. Throw challenges to your friends by making a correct answers and share your knowledge with your friends. The following sets of brainstorming knowledge questions cover the most frequently asked questions from history of India, sports,and social development, General science etc..In this app we have Question with answers & solutions in below categories like Sports, Technology, History, Science, GKetc..

The quiz contains only general knowledge “fact” type of questions, no trivia questions from popular culture. Thus, this game will present a true test of your level of education! Have a quick view on the historical facts of the day by using the widget. Brain Stroming Questions is most useful and powerful Application. This application is specially designed for those students who are preparing for government jobs exams Our app contains 6 categories most popular multiple choice questions. Students can solve question in time interval. So, that they can find the accuracy and speed of their solving skill. Learn Variety of Question and Pick any time interval that suits, you Check your Skill through solving question in time and Great User Interface good.

Quiz is a form of learning in which everybody can be strengthen their knowledge by answering the questions. Our app enables you to nurture the abilities of observing the various events in an easy way.Quiz of Knowledge is the ultimate trivia quiz because it contains more than 300 questions that are developed by our team of educators. There are questions about Geography, Sports, technology and so on. There are questions for everyone!

Download and start learning by practice today. Share this application with your friends if you found it was useful.

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