Banana Monkey Brothers: Indulge Yourself in Classic Arcade Nostalgia with This Banana Hoarding Game

Arcade games thrive because of their innate simplicity in gameplay and no-nonsense way of presenting their features to players. This is also the reason why a lot of people easily get hooked to them. This could not be truer for this generation of gamers. As much as possible, they want to be able to dive into the action with a single tap of a button. This is why if you’re the type of arcade gamer who wishes to have these aspects in your game and want it to test your skills and competitiveness to the

Banana Monkey Brothers actually calls to mind a lot of the classic arcade games that many 90’s kids would certainly be nostalgic about. If you’ve played on a Nintendo Family Computer or a Gameboy, you’ll find this game to be highly similar to the games that are featured in the said classic consoles.

In fact, the game even incorporates a digital interface that simulates how the said consoles look. As a nod to the Gameboy, you’ll even find that if you hold down and slide your fingers on the Wide Screen, you’ll be able to see all the sprites and other digital representations for a few micro seconds.

True to its heritage, Banana Monkey Brothers is the quintessential classic arcade game. The game doesn’t even need a tutorial for its players because its controls and overall gameplay can be easily grasped from the beginning. Nonetheless, it does provide information regarding gameplay from the Information interface found on settings.

You take control of a monkey dangling on what appears to be line of rope connecting two coconut trees. The right and left red buttons on the game interface readily denotes the directions where you want the monkey to go. Your ultimate goal is to gather as many bananas you can from the crate located next to the left coconut tree.

You need to tap on the left button once the monkey is in a position to reach out to the crate in order to grab as many bananas you can. Each banana you collect gives you 1 point, and if you take the time to share them with your monkey brother, you’ll actually be rewarded with 3 points.

While doing this, you have to be wary of the man who could either hit you with thrown coconuts or grab you while you’re gathering the delectable fruit. As you score more points in a playthrough, you’ll discover that the gameplay actually becomes more challenging. The highest score you can attain is 999, and your high score can be easily shared with other players to determine your worldwide ranking.

Banana Monkey Brothers’s entire interface, its tribute to classic arcade games, and its overall gameplay are the characteristics that make it stand on a wholly different level than other arcade games you can download from the Play Store. It may seem so simple at first glance but upon going through a few playthroughs, you’ll find that it actually offers a lot challenges (and even surprises), especially once your score gets higher and higher.

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