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Developed by Fortafy Games, Color Switch is a game app that is compatible with Android and iOS devices. According to mobile game enthusiasts, the app is the number one addictive game of the year.

The puzzle game borrows some few ideas from the Orbit Jump. However, the game is wholly a timing & obstacle adventure one. Players are presented with moving obstacles and a ball that changes color with time and progress of the game. They are supposed to tap the ball and crash it into an obstacle of the same color as the ball. This will enable the ball pass through the obstacle.

Color Switch is packed with a myriad of features to improve the gaming experience of the user. There are at least 6 modes to allow the user choose and play in a mode that suits his or her gaming needs. Each mode has more than 25 levels which means that the reflex game offers an enjoyable high-degree of difficulty.

The game app also comes with amazing graphics. The screen looks fresh with a good combination of colors such as violet, magenta, cyan, black and yellow. The color patterns of the spinning obstacles make the game more eye-candy and visually captivating to the player. There are also sliding series of lines that make the game livelier.

Another notable feature is the thrilling soundtrack. The hip-hop sound goes well with the gameplay making the game quite engaging and enjoyable. This is one of the reasons for the game’s addictiveness.

In addition, the app has a Game Center that offers daily rewards to the players. The rewards are available every 12 hours and encourage daily play.

As mentioned earlier, Color Switch works with Android and iOS system. It requires Android 3.0 & up and iOS 7.0 or later. Users need to download and install the app on their devices and they are ready to go. The size of the app is 28MB, and the game requires internet connection for it to work on supported devices.

Comparing Color Switch to similar apps, the app in question stands out due to its many modes and levels which increase the challenge and at the same time making the game enjoyable. The app’s graphics and soundtrack also make it rule other apps of its kind. Another thing that makes the app more special is its easy-to-understand nature. Moreover, the ability to set suitable pace while playing makes Color Switch a better game app.

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