Action Multiplayer Snake that Ensures Slithery Fun with Every Play through

Obviously influenced by the classic mobile arcade game, Snake, is just as addicting and evidently more interactive than the original game that it pays tribute to. Much of the appeal of arcade games lie in the fact that you can easily grasp how they are played. The same can be said about once you start playing it.

Once you launch the app game, you only need to type in your nickname in order to start playing. You will join other players (snakes) in an expansive world where your task is to achieve the largest length possible by eating glowing orb-like essences that are strewn all over the place. You can control your snake by touching the screen with your finger and sliding it into the direction where you want the snake to go. The larger the orbs that you gobble up the faster you’ll gain length and size.

However, you have to be very cautious of other snakes that might come near you. If you collide with their frame, especially those that are already considerably large, it’s game over. One reason why some players deliberately “kill” other snakes, though, is that it’s the fastest way for your snake to grow. They usually do this by encircling them or trapping them. This is because once a snake dies; it leaves behind copious amounts of the said orbs for other snakes to eat. The number and size of orbs that they drop depends on their original size. Without a doubt, it’s this competitive aspect that’s also one of the main reasons why players love

There is also its graphics, animation and visual effects to commend. Its game play is simple and you’ll never really tire of it. You can even edit and customize the way you want your snake to look with the app’s built-in skin editor. Players are encouraged to share their high scores in various social media sites and, in turn, they will be able to unlock other skins available.

With every play through, classic Snake action can be experienced. It’s fun, exhilarating, and the multiplayer aspect is certainly a big plus. Without it, the game certainly won’t reach the level of popularity that it already has. It capitalizes on the appeal of a classic game while introducing a feature that could only have been possible in these times when online games are fast becoming the norm. And, that is what ultimately makes it different from other apps that have a similar theme and almost any kind of arcade game apps that players still patronize nowadays.

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