Talking Football Superstar: Learn a Number of Soccer Skills While Having Wacky Football Fun with Your Favorite Superstars

Imagine famed and revered football stars like Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar doing wildly comical actions and talking to you in an equally hilarious voice. This may seem like a farfetched dream that would only ever take place in one’s (wild) imaginations. Nonetheless, the developers of Talking Football Superstar really took the time to make such a notion a reality with the said singular football app.

You may be wondering why the app is titled as such. Well, it’s main feature calls to mind the classic Talking Tom app. Yes, a lot of the hilarious aspects of this app hinge on allowing its users to say something to the three football stars, and they will mimic it in a very funny voice in return. You are not limited to these three, though, as it also adds Soccer Robot, who has its own unique voice.

Not only that, the app also has incorporated an arguably sophisticated feature that lets the characters respond to touches from users. For added fun, you may choose to do this while they are repeating the words that you have uttered to them. Otherwise, you may opt to just choose from a variety of actions that they can perform generically from the circular buttons located below them. You may even record these actions and upload it directly into Youtube.

There is also a mini game that is included in the app, which lets you play freestyle soccer with Messi. This game incorporates the app’s innate touch feature, as it actually involves 9 levels of soccer joggling, wherein you are to tap certain points of Messi’s body to perform the joggling action; it has 3 difficulty levels as well (Easy, Medium, and Hard).

Another feature that makes this app worthwhile for a lot of soccer fanatics is its Tutorials. Up to 30 skills and tutorials regarding soccer would be presented to you, including the signature moves of famous soccer players (e.g. the McGeady Spin, Ronaldo Fenomeno, Bolasie Flick, and Ronaldo Chop, to name but a few).

This quirky app’s funny antics and eccentric features more than makes it stand out from other apps that deal with football. The level of control that you can exercise on the characters is very notable as well. It is also highlighted by its educational aspect, as you can really learn a lot of valuable soccer techniques from the tutorials that are included. Indeed, that these superstars themselves are teaching you these tricks only makes things better. For all its comedic touches, this app really shines with the plethora of bonuses and features that it offers.

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