Western Guns Ep01: Open-World Western with Plenty of Exciting Gunslinging Action

Almost any open-world game has that unique pull to most gamers, which is why it’s no surprise that the genre is slowly entering mobile app gaming. In Western Guns, you take the role of an outlaw gunslinger who makes a deal with the local sheriff to rid towns of gangs of bandits and save the townsfolk. You can surely expect to engage in multiple gunfights and cowboy action in this firearms simulator that really showcases the gritty Wild, Wild West.

Since it’s an open-world game, you do most of your travelling and looking around by sliding two fingers on opposite sides of the screen. The left side is for moving, while the right is for looking around. From the outset, you would be given a brief overview of controls as the first part of the story loads. That being said, the app really calls to mind classic open-world games such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption as it also incorporates narrative cut-scenes that are vital for story-telling.

Once you enter the world of Western Guns, you will find that the app allows for great freedom of motion (it just takes some time getting used to). It’s also important to note that you are given a specific objective (e.g. kill bandits, save villagers, etc.) in every level. On the upper portion of the interface, all the important details (objective progression, current weapon, health, money, and keys found, to name a few) would be visible to you.

You have to be wary of enemies from the outset as they can come out from any side. You can glance at the mini-map to know whether there are enemies nearby, for your vision would certainly be limited. This is why you have to be quick to master moving and looking around. Shooting is another aspect that you should pay attention to

What’s good is that the game integrates an auto-targeting function that minimizes the hassle of targeting, however, you still have to be facing your enemies properly for it to trigger. As you kill enemies, you get to pick up their weapons (which is vital since you run out of ammo pretty fast). But you can also choose to unlock weapons by purchasing them. Take note that at some point in the game, you get to ride a horse mount as well Also, be sure to check out houses and other structures for valuable items that glitter to easily catch your attention.

The singular qualities of Western Guns are not hard to pinpoint as they are readily apparent from its graphics, story, and overall gameplay. Everything about it is fresh, making it a recommended title for gamers who like open-world apps. Since this specific app has been tagged with EP01, it’s only safe to say that gamers can expect future installments from Western Guns.

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