Stand By You Game Review —Journeying With a Girl Who Keeps On Dying

What’s trending–Water Phoenix, Inc released a new app NOT long ago, and it just happens it’s the only one of its kind. Think of it as an escape or simply a game that teleports you away from the reality of this world to an entirely new world that’s full of adventure.

The single player game actually works on all Android smart phones running on Android 7.0 and all the subsequent editions of the OS. All you have to do is download the app from play store and install it on your device.

After that you can go ahead and customise the settings according to your preference and comfort, and watch as the app takes you to a 2-to-3 hour journey of nothing but fun.

Basically, Stand by You is a visual novel, but one in which you’re allowed to experience all that’s being experienced in the game.

Here’s how the story goes:

There once lived a young lad going by the name KYO-YA. KYO-YA was a high school student who woke up one morning to find his world completely changed. Stuck in a room he barely knows, KYO-YA’s whole body was paralysed. Neither could he lift his legs nor move his hands.

All building had been ferried downhill and all that remained was waste land. Then miraculously, a girl he had never before appeared out of nowhere. Her name was ASAGIRI, who happened to be on a mission to find if there was a single living thing left.

It’s through her that KYO-YA learned that the world had actually come to an end.

KYO-YA has to join the girl in her journey. The problem is that she keeps on dying and reviving herself. Their quest is to find other living things, but unknown to KYO-YA the girl is also on God’s mission, which she has to complete. KYO-YA can’t walk, so the girl has to carry him all the way. She does this without sleeping or stopping on the way to take a rest.

Turns out humans had killed all animals and plants during their pre-apocalyptic warfare and the girl’s mission is to try and understand the pain these animals and plants had to endure prior to their death.

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It’s at this point that it’s also revealed that the girl keeps on dying because she’s trying to atone for the sins human committed. Her mission is to undergo the same kind of experience those killed by humans underwent in the past prior to their death.

KYO-YA has to spend time with a girl whose entire life is characterized with pain. He purposes to find a way to alleviate the pain and at least make her happy.

Will he succeed?

Well, that’s for you to find.

The sound effects used in the game are all in Japanese, even though they all come with subtitles that you can use to understand the message conveyed.

The game is full of adventure, which is fun in a way. You’ll experience the tension and the beautiful moment altogether, which is part of the reason why anyone wouldn’t want to miss on this first edition of the game.

Price:  $5.44 

Download from Android Market

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