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Cube – Organize Your Applications Effortlessly

You might have a lot of apps, games, web browsers and other applications lying scattered in your mobile phone. As days go by, you may find it very difficult to manage and search for applications.Help is just an app away. Try ‘Cube’, a new app which organizes applications and saves your time and effort.

About the app:

Cube is a 3-Dimensional Graphic User Interface Android app, with the help of which you can manage multiple resources on your device. It provides you with 6 features like social, games, media, audio, communication and Web. Each feature gives you special options for control.



Working of the app:

The app provides you with 6 options, one on each side of the cube. You can rotate the 3-dimensional interface by zooming out, to access various options. With the help of the ‘Social’ option, you can combine all your social networking sites into a single menu and get connected easily. Rather than having multiple game apps lying all over the device, you can use the ‘Game’ option to integrate them.

With the help of the ‘Communication’ option in Cube, you can manage your e-mail, calls and chats effortlessly. You can browse, bookmark pages and view your browsing history using the ‘Web’ option. The most interesting feature of Cube is ‘Audio’ with which you can easily organize your audio library.



As audio files are categorized according to artist, album and song, it becomes easy to search for them. Yet another important feature of the app is ‘Media’ where you can view and organize videos and photos by date and album.

Cube is a very helpful app which greatly saves your time by integrating and managing multiple components of your mobile phone. The navigation is very simple and even first time users can explore the app easily. As the app requires full Internet access, you may not be able to use it at times when you are traveling etc. The price of the app could be reduced to benefit more users.

Cube is a paid app that costs $9.99. It requires Android 2.1 or later versions.


Price: $9.99


Rating: 3.5/5


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