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App Concept

QR codes have become a frequent pop in the digital communication of the present age, and they are not a fancy gimmick for the fun of it as they have very real benefits applicable today. Perhaps the ones that stand out atop the pros list are versatility and the ability to seamlessly bridge online and virtual spheres. They have become important assets for marketers, newspapers, bloggers, website owners, and storekeepers, among many others, allowing users to conceal information they’d like to reach a specific audience. This QR Code Scanner and Reader app prove to be that handy boat with which to traverse the expansive world of QR and barcodes that are all around us. Enabling you to not only decipher but also create your own, it allows you to be QR-savvy in mere minutes!

Features of the QR Code Scanner

The scanner’s ease of use is one of its biggest selling points, as are its other capabilities which include:

  • Instant scanning, ensuring you can scan on the go without having to go through preliminary procedures.
  • Preserved scan history so that you can keep track of your QR and barcodes and their results.
  • An auto-focus feature that relieves the user of focusing work
  • No permission infringements, given it only requires camera access to do its job.
  • A reliable and robust software underlying that constantly dissects all kinds of bar and QR codes without fail

You can find the QR Code Scanner and Reader on the Google PlayStore.

How to use the app

No signing up is required; the app is ready to go as soon as you install it. The home screen offers four options at the top including separate tabs for scanning and generating QR or barcodes. For this functionality, click on “Scanner” and direct the camera to the area of interest. Once the code is scanned, the app displays results encompassing what lies behind the encryption, which is usually a link to particular content. You can view your “history” through the similarly-named tab, or learn more about the app via the “About” section.

How it stands out from the rest

Blending both barcode and QR code duties into one app, the QR Code Scanner and Reader mostly stand out for its simplicity and convenience. It does a great job with bar and QR codes alike, and its ability to generate them too also covers a function usually reserved for a separate app. Moreover, you don’t need to zoom in and out or meticulously maneuver the camera view to get the right shot as with most scanners; its auto-focus handles that for you, ensuring no hassle at all.

So head on over to the PlayStore and grab yourself this effective and reliable QR scanner right away!


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