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Multimedia Desktop Charger for Motorola Droid X

We know that everyone needs a charger, and most of us get one with the set that we buy. But not every mobile has a charger that’s as interesting as useful as the “Multimedia Desktop Charger” most of the time we land up with the same old boring cables that we just plug in and charge.

Well things are going to change for Droid X users, for they have recently come out with “Multimedia Desktop Charger” . The specialty of this charger is that it adds a multimedia experience to your Motorola Droid X as it continues to charge your mobile twice as much as your regular charger does. Now you can continue to use your Droid X as you charge, not only to attend to calls as you used to before.

Along with this you could also use it to sync your mobile to your PC using a USB cable, which offcourse you buy separately. Now all you need to do is attach your mobile to your desktop charger and you could use it as a alarm clock, use it as a support to watch movies on, also use it like a photo frame when charging next to your bed, and play music on it as you charge without the fear of draining your battery.

Features Included :

  • display for photos.
  • Syncs Data from your PC.
  • Plays music
  • Charger
  • Watch Movies
  • Also includes a travel charger

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