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Free Anonymous VPN Concept

Like people walking on snow, we leave digital footprints on the internet whenever we access sites through our mobile phones. No matter if you browse on a private browser window, or clear your cookies or history after you’re done, your digital presence is still traceable. Your internet service provider is at this very moment aware that you logged into YouTube or Facebook or visited those pages you don’t want anyone to know about, and they may feed this data to the government. Worse yet, there can be a breach, and this information leaks out into the public domain. So what do you do to mask your digital scent and ensure no one is watching your every move? The answer is as simple as this Free Anonymous VPN app. It’s built to ensure you have privacy and the peace of mind of a reliable and tested security solution. Additionally, it provides anonymous passage to those blocked websites at school or work!

App features

You can find Anonymous VPN on Google PlayStore for no fee at all. The app comes with these features:

  • Numerous servers to choose from including Germany, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and many other countries from all over the world.
  • Encrypted VIP proxy servers ensuring utmost protection and privacy
  • Unlimited access to all websites restricted in your country by the government, ISP, or employers.
  • Protection from phishing scams and general internet fraud arising from connecting to Public WiFi
  • Round the clock service without any restrictions or limitation
  • State of the art security measures that cannot be breached by third parties


How it works

You’ll be up and ready to go in a few seconds after installation. All you need to do is to hit the power button icon on the green home screen, and the masking begins. You can change your preferred virtual location via the globe button on the top right side, which presents many countries for your selection.

Why this VPN is remarkably standing out

The free anonymous VPN offers users a premium VIP experience that usually comes with a staggering monthly subscription fee for no charge at all. You gain unlimited access to those videos and social media sites you love while resting assured that no one can trace anything back to your end. No longer will you have to worry about internet spies or crack your brain figuring out how to work around the workplace restrictions to do what you want.

At a time when law enforcement and bully corporations are chocking your digital freedom, the Anonymous VPN steps in to turn the tables. It’s a necessary tool in the ever risky internet world of today!

Price:  Free 


Download from Android Market


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