Safeguard your Internet Security with the Private Secure Browse & Lock Vault App

App Concept

Danger lurks everywhere these days: in that seemingly harmless website you love to visit, that ordinary app that wouldn’t hurt a fly, and in your trusted internet service provider who fools you with myths of security and privacy. So should we stay off the interweb entirely or better yet cut ourselves out from the digital ways and go back to the pristine age where communication meant physically talking to each other? Of course not. Our devices have made life easier and ensured distance is only but a number. You need not cast your smartphone aside, all you need to do is have by your side the Private Secure Browse & Lock Vault app which ensures you stay out of reach of any and all modern threats.

Secure Vault App Features

Exclusively available for Android, secure vault successfully juggles many functions under one roof. It is not only a safe browsing tool but also a gallery lock and battery saver app. You can expect the following:

  • A speed-test feature that helps you know how fast, or slow, your internet connection truly is.
  • Battery saving abilities that ensure optimum power performance for your device; this feature also includes a temperature and voltage monitor
  • Wifi security protection that gets rid of loopholes and vulnerabilities that hackers often target
  • A privacy advisor that detects malicious app that might pose a threat
  • Networking boosting abilities to spruce up a lagging connection


How it works

You’ll need to grant the app certain permissions during the installation stage, but not to worry as this is necessary for your protection. Once you do, there are several ways you can use the app. You can employ it as a secure browser via the “safe browser” button to navigate suspicious websites, or use the “private advisor” option to find and resolve problems pertaining to your data and its privacy. Additionally, you can tuck apps, photos, and videos under password-protected locks through the “App lock” button or dive into power-saving duties by tapping on “Battery Saver.” If the speed of your internet connection seems to be the problem head on over to the “Network boost” tab and kick things up a notch.

Why the app is in a league of its own

This multifunctional app excels on many fronts, the most important of which is keeping data theft and online threats at bay. It’s equipped with an unhackable engine to guarantee round the clock protection while it also earns plaudits for tripling up as a gallery lock, app vault, and battery saver. Compressing essential privacy and security functions into a single source, it’s hard for the competition to match what this app has to offer.

The future of internet security is here, and the Private Security Browser & Vault Lock app is leading the charge!

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