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Knobby Volume Control Concept

Volume control seems like a simple enough activity to get done, but it gets tedious and complicated really fast especially for smartphone users. You have to scour a long list of settings and sub-settings to tweak various sound dimensions like system, notifications, call, and others so often to find the right combination to suit changing situations. Over time, it becomes a mundane chore you don’t look forward to but have to do anyway, and that’s where Knobby steps in to save you the time and trouble. Offering a quick action bar availing all your sound functionalities, this intelligent app sorts your volume needs into a singular, hassle-free shortcut while providing a great UI to ensure you do that in style!


Knobby has two iterations on the Google PlayStore, including a Paid and Free option, with the former availing full access to its wide-ranging features which encompass:

  • A generous collection of themes to ensure you can tune the app to your liking.
  • A quick ringer mode juggle that allows users to shift between normal, vibrant, and silent easily
  • Battery friendly app that comes equipped with customizable gesture control capabilities to further reduce effort on the part of the user
  • A one-stop bar that curates all your volume concerns, including media/music, in-call, system, notification, and ringer sounds
  • A plethora of volume control widgets to alleviate dependence on physical buttons, which is especially useful if your volume bar is faulty.
  • Helpful notifications for volume control


How it works

After installation, you’ll need to grant the app some permissions. Once you do that, a black bar integrates into your dropdown home menu, from which you’ll see all the various volume functions that are usually stacked away under separate setting categories. Tapping on one of the symbols will reveal a knob that you can use to adjust the volume level of that particular sound as you deem fit. You can change themes, background colors, and tweak many other settings in-app.

Why it stands apart from the rest

Knobby offers an answer to the puzzle that volume control has become in a fast-evolving world where devices come with far many functionalities than buttons. Offering a simple solution to a typically tedious process, this app is saving you seconds and the trouble of scouring lengthy settings in a bid to strike a sound balance. A classy UI also goes a long way in ensuring Knobby stands head and shoulders in a crowd where very few, if any, can attest to a similar prowess.

Volume control has never been this easy, and we have Knobby to thank for that!


Price: ₹ 110.00

Download from Android Market


Price:  Free


Download from Android Market


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