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Add a Web Shortcut to Android Home Screen

Android devices provide a lot of options for customization, but many users are not aware of them. This short blog post would help you visit your favorite site from an Android device without pain.

All the top websites don’t have apps. You would like to visit a website often that doesn’t have any app. In that case, whenever you want to visit the site, you have to open the browser and type the URL in the address bar or select the website from the bookmarks. This tip may help you add the bookmark to the home screen.


  • Visit the website in browser.
  • Add it to the bookmarks (Menu – Add bookmark – Done)
  • Open Bookmark Manager (Menu – Bookmarks)
  • Long press the site that needs to be added to the home screen.
  • From the pop-up menu, select Add shortcut to Home

Now you can find the shortcut in the home screen of Android. Just tap the shortcut to launch the site.

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