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Android Becomes the Top Mobile OS in UK

According to a recent report released by a tech market research company, Google’s Android operating system has taken the top spot as the most popular mobile operating system in Britain. It has increased its share to 48.5% which was 37.8% a year ago.

Kantar WorldPanel Com Tech recently unveiled a report regarding UK smartphones. The analysis covered 12 weeks of smartphone data upto 19th February 2012. The report claimed that Android phones comprised 48.5% of smartphones sold. Apple saw a 6% increase in its market share to reach 28.7% this time. It retained the second position. Windows 7 had a 2% increase in its market share from 0.5% in 2011. The sales of Nokia Lumia 800 might be the reason behind the increased value.

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On the other hand, Symbian lost 10% of its sharet and reached 2.4%. BlackBerry also lost 7.3% of its market share and reached 17.1%. The analysis also revealed that 51.3% of the British population owns a smartphone at present.

Kantar Com Tech gathered data from a wide panel of 15,000 people in UK who are polled regularly on the devices they use.

Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director of Kantar Worldpanel Com Tech said that more users are now utilizing GPS and video streaming services. He further added, “All this helps to engrain the smartphone experience deep into consumer’s daily routines.”

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