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Android Regains 61% of U.S. Smartphone Sales

According to the latest report released by the market research firm NPD, Android holds 61% of all smartphone purchases in the U.S.

NPD unveiled a report based on their recent study named ‘OS Share of Smartphone Sale’ for Q1 of 2012. The report says that Android sales dropped from 61% in Q3 to 49% in Q4 of 2011 whereas Apple’s iPhone sales surged from 25% to 41% in Q4 last year.

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But amazingly, Android has reclaimed the same 61% of the U.S. smartphone sales during the first quarter of this year. On the other hand, Apple’s sale has dropped to 29% in Q1 of this year. iOS and Android together accounted for 90% of all U.S. smartphone sales.

According to another recent research by Nielsen regarding smartphone ownership, two out of three people aged between 25-34 years own a smartphone. There are about 50.9% of female mobile users who own a smartphone and about 50.1% of men carrying a smartphone in the country.

The report also says that Asian Americans dominate in smartphone ownership with 67.3% of the people using a smartphone as their main handset.

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