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Android to Power Home Appliances

Eric Schmidt believes that Android could be used in nearly every household devices right from the TV to refrigerator.

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt spoke in the Consumer Electronics Show that took place in Las Vegas. While outlining the future for Android, Schmidt said that Android has already been used in television sets and refrigerators. Therefore Android appliances could identify when a user enters the family room as the device authenticates him/her.


Schmidt also renamed the fragmentation issue of Android as differentiation. “Differentiation is positive, fragmentation is negative,” said Schmidt. “Differentiation means that you have a choice and the people who are making the phones, they’re going to compete on their view of innovation, and they’re going to try and convince you that theirs is better than somebody else.”

According to Schmidt, Microsoft has been trapped in an architectural transition problem that is too deep to get through.

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    This is really awesome! I can’t wait for android to be merged with other home appliances.. like that fridge, I wonder what kind of features it could give to the user, and how it can increase the convenience of using it.

  2. I have amazing if that is happen that is really a fantastic change. Android is firstly use in mobile application and it increase mobile functioning same it is when android is used in home appliance like in TV, fridge etc. it definitely feel awesome and so easy to use.

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