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Android Users Browse the Web More Frequently Than Others – A Study

Walker Sands Communication, a full-service marketing and public relations firm, announced in its recently released Q4 Mobile Traffic Report for 2011 that Android users tend to browse the Web more frequently than others.

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This mobile traffic report is compiled on a quarterly basis to determine the notable Web trends, by considering the Web analytics data of various industries. The study examined the Web traffic by mobile devices and concluded that Android users are the major (46%) mobile visitors. (It was 27% in Q4 2010). Android’s share of the mobile market has gone up after the results.

The total mobile traffic by each device, as reported by Walker Sands Communication are as follows:

  • iPhone: 31% in Q4 2011, down from 48% in Q4 2010
  • Android: 46% in Q4 2011, up from 27% in Q4 2010
  • BlackBerry: 4% in Q4 2011, up from 27% in Q4 2010
  • iPad: 16% in Q4 2011, down from 10% in Q4 2010

“Android’s expansive portfolio of mobile products makes it more accessible to a broad base of consumers than Apple’s iPhone, which is why we see tremendous growth in the Android marketshare at the expense of Apple’s iPhone,” said Daniel Laloggia, Digital Marketing Manager at Walker Sands.

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