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BlueStacks Provides Android experience on on your PC

We all would like to experience Android apps and Android on a big screen won’t we?, but since many say that it’s impossible to perform even with the presence of an Android Emulator to run the whole OS, Google is going hand in hand with a company called BlueStacks to make the impossible, possible.

With help from a Virtual Machine software, they hope to have a full Android experience on Windows based PCs. Since the Android OS is expected to run on a x86-based PC, parallel with Windows, it enables the users to switch back and forth easily. Now when you have a home you would definitely love to furnish it, similarly the urge to run android apps on your PC would grow day by day. But unfortunately, its not possible for Google has put a block on it and there are certifications that you’ll need to receive to gain access to the android market.

Well don’t start pouting already, as the Amazon App store has plenty of apps that you’d love to download. The wait is not for too long as the software would be launched by BlueStacks later this year.

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