Bubblee: Improving the Smartphone Experience One Bubble at a Time

Bubblee Concept

Most operating systems tend to be dull and uneventful, only proving a bridging feature between you, your smartphone, and the apps you like. Bubble seeks to improve this in-between experience by providing a relaxing show of ascending bubbles, as you scroll about your phone. A therapeutic affair that offers soothing mental comfort, Bubble spruces up home screens, or even apps themselves, adding the flair of exploding bubbles to give your smartphone a bit of style. You can read your favorite storybook, dig into an article on Facebook, or catch up on your beloved games as transparent bubbles offer calming companionship!

Bubblee Features

This application is available on the Google PlayStore, and it comes in two versions, namely Paid and Free. In the Paid alternative, you get full access to all app features, including battering alarm, altering bubble appearance, ad-free operation and much more! That said, here are the resources you can expect from Bubblee:

  • A lovely battery indicator, which also includes artistic depictions of battery status via percentages.
  • Ability to switch between red, green, blue, among other bubble colors to suit your preference
  • An alarm feature that enables users to set notifications for low battery (20%), 90% charge, and full battery alerts.
  • A simplistic yet charming interface where primary functionalities fit into the home section in a tidy, tile-like presentation
  • Customize hovering objects from fleeting bubbles to rocket ships, stars, emojis, or clouds from a lineup of up to 36 different icons!

How the app works

The home screen avails a set of four options packed into four squares, all fitting into a large box. Via the first tab, i.e. “Settings,” you can configure bubbles in terms of size or change the type of animations you’d like aside from the default transparent bubbles. Additionally, you can also choose to “always show bubbles” so that these appear even when scrolling through apps, and your phone isn’t plugged to a power outlet.

The “Alarm” feature allows you to set various battery notifications, while the “Theme” button enables you to shift colors. The final tab, which is the “About” option, gives you details about the app and its licenses while offering a rating link and an avenue to contact the developers with suggestions for improvement.

Why it’s different from the rest

Simple and elegant, Bubble can certainly add life to boring screens and mundane yet necessary tasks such as charging, seeing to it that you gain pleasure solely from looking at your smartphone without even opening any app. What’s more, its ability to serve up animations as you explore other apps makes it an excellent sidekick, like spices to the main meal. With raving reviews on the PlayStore, Bubble is guaranteed to impress!

Price: ₹ 20.00    

Download from Android Market

Price:  Free

Download from Android Market

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