Delve to the Bottom of the Truth With PresQ

App Concept 

Survey intermediates have long been not as helpful as businesses would hope, providing positive or promising results tweaked to ensure continued demand and their sustained survival without achieving much progress for requesters. Well, PresQ sees to it that that will no longer be the case, providing accurate and actual results from surveys, quizzes, and predictions, that you can easily create on your smartphone, without having to outsource the work. On the flip side, it offers users a very rewarding platform to make their honest opinions count while earning a little something for their efforts. If you’d like others to weigh in on whatever plagues you, are looking for the general opinion on a matter, or would simply like to reap the benefits of your input, then PresQ is the app to turn to for assistance!

App Features

Head on over to the Google PlayStore, or Apple’s version, for your copy of PresQ, which comes packed with:

  • Generous rewards for users, including a 100 points signing up bonus, that you can turn into cash via Amazon or PayTM
  • An unbiased platform that mirrors your voice without changing opinions to please companies
  • Money winning quizzes where you get rewarded per correct answer
  • Endless opportunities to create more buzz for your business through ads that can you can tailor according to the feedback on PresQ to ensure maximum hits
  • Event launch feature that lets you offer users rewards and hog the attention to your business
  • Various format options including audio, videos, and pdf to ensure you can best appeal to the preferences of your target audience
  • Valuable market answers and pointers that you can dig out through research
  • Shareable results so that your users can also be in on the final poll tally


Working of the App 

You’ll need to sign up before you can use the app, which you can do through your Google or Facebook account. You’ll get a welcome treat of 100 points! PresQ Prime members can create a prediction, quiz, or survey by tapping on the plus sign at the bottom of the home menu while users earn points for taking part in them. The redemption cut off stands at 70, which means you can transfer to cash via PayTM only the points above that figure. 

Why it stands above the competition

Honest opinions are hard to come by in a dog eat dog world, where survey websites are ready to tell companies what they’d like to hear as opposed to what they need to hear. The PresQ app proves to be that ray of sunlight sorely needed in a sky of darkness, prizing honesty and value above all else. You can get practically helpful feedback to ensure your business changes strides in the right direction instead of heading down a deceptive alleyway leading you nowhere. From the user’s perspective, the awards are quite substantial and can be redeemed on the world’s biggest shopping platform or directly through a trusted payment system!


Price:  Free 


Download from Android Market

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