Eco-friendly Oll3H explodes your social and professional circles

Theme behind Oll3H

Has your professional or social network been rather slow to get going in recent times and needs a lift? Oll3H can give you that jumpstart you need, by opening new doors of opportunities for friendships or business via a smart electronic card distribution platform. Whether you’re short on friends at a new school or would like to drum up some buzz for your new enterprise, Oll3H is the place to be. In addition to all that, the app also crucially helps make the world a better place by eliminating not only paper waster but also the need for it in the first place. Consequently, trees are spared and the environment flourishes, just like your new connections!


Oll3H features:


Available on both Android and iOS platforms, Oll3H can do the following for you:


  • Contribute to a noble cause by just saying hello on the platform. QR scans conducted on the app get reward points that translate to monetary aid for charities
  • Create Oll3H cards for every occasion. Make the social cards for your personal life and interests, a business version to make your website/LinkedIn popular, or a student card to share your extracurricular and school details.
  • Complete control over your information so you can determine who can see what
  • A comprehensive Oll3H community search engine. Via company names, university, keywords, among other metrics, easily shift through the pile to find perfect connections.
  • Is someone giving you a hard time on Oll3H? Don’t let them. Report and block troublemakers and anyone who proves a nuisance
  • If you feel differently about certain people you’ve shared your info with already, simple take back the contact
  • Free socializing features including messaging, video and voice calling to enable you meet and make new friends.


How Oll3H works

Oll3H enables you to share personal info and general contact details through QR scans, which yield charity points for each interaction. You can view and edit your profile through the burger icon at the top-left to choose one of four options, namely “Just Hello,” “Business,” “Social” or “Student.” The globe button on the bottom bar allows users to search up contacts, and also contains call, text, and video features. You can see the charities and available donation through the green button labeled “charity” on the homepage.


Why Oll3H is ahead of the rest

Oll3H is a great app that lets people build connections according to their exact needs at that point in their lives. It excels in making the right kinds of relationships for social or business, and just as importantly, it does an incredible job at lending a helping hand to Mother Nature through charity donations and by providing paper card substitutes.


Grow your connections, and the world’s environment, by using Oll3H!


Price: FREE


Download from Android Market

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