Elroi: The Internet Bodyguard Every Smartphone Needs

App Concept

The internet is brimming with prying eyes, with many unscrupulous people scouring for vulnerabilities like a lion stalking prey in the Serengeti. In 2019 alone, there have been close to 4000 cases of data breaches- and the year is not yet over- which represents a staggering 50% increase from the year before. This is the highest it’s been in four years!

So how sure are you that your data isn’t being siphoned as you scroll across Google or read this review at this very moment? How do you know that connecting to that public WiFi won’t land you in hot water? Well, with the Elroi app watching you’re back, you can be pretty sure you’ll have nothing to worry about! It masks your trail on the internet, concealing your scent so that you don’t appear on the radar of interweb bloodhounds.


Do you own an iOS device? Great. Or, is an Android platform your go-to? Still excellent. Elroi is available for both and, a futuristic layout aside, you can expect the following attributes:

  • Excellent reliability with continued and round-the-clock encryption of phone communications
  • Simple to install and use. You can easily link an Elroi account to your social media and skip the hassle of signing up
  • A wide range of proxy locations for your choosing.
  • Bypass ISP restrictions and fully access any network or website deemed out of bounds
  • Keep an eye on traffic in the dark web to identify if sensitive personal information has found its way into unwanted hands
  • A secure data security windshield that keeps the endless dangers of the World Wide Web at bay

How Elroi Works

The home page contains several functionalities, and you’ll need to create a new account or link your Facebook/Google profile to gain access. There are four buttons on the main page, the first being the “Secure VPN” option, which lets you change locations and browse the internet anonymously. You can also determine if your personal information has leaked via the “Dark web monitor” or manage your passwords via the button below it. If you need assistance or further information, simply tap on “Help” behind the trio of bars at the top-left corner.

Why Elroi is in a league of its own

Elroi is the ultimate and holistic VPN for smartphones. It condenses the immense power of a robust VPN website equipped with state-of-the-art protection into an app. Its ability to fish leaked information from the dark web is rare and coupled with its simple yet effective data protection and privacy techniques; it’s certainly among the industry’s best! Give it a try today for a worry-free surfing experience!


Price:  Free

Download from Android Market

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