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Are you nuts about food? So are we! Food is a language of its own. A unique form of communication that allows us to express ourselves. It is emotion, it can make you relieve a special moment, and bring back a tidal wave of memories. Food says a lot about one’s personality; telling countless stories with one delicious image. Food is not just food, it’s absolutely what we live for on Fsquad, the award-winning app by and for foodies! Show us those cooking skills on this acclaimed food photography social media platform. Your efforts in the kitchen won’t go unnoticed as you are connected to a network of culinary enthusiasts. Combining the best of social media and delicacies, Fsquad is for anyone with an appreciation for good food!

Features of the app

Fsquad is social media for food. It realizes this culinary world in the following ways:

  • Foodie feed: Social media apps have a news feed to keep you updated on the latest. Fsquad has its foodie feed that keeps you informed on various food-related issues. Find out about the latest eatery in town and be the first to know of new specialties in your favorite joint!
  • Interactive posts: Like a dish you’ve seen? Hit the like button! Make your feelings known about an image by commenting or sharing it. Additionally, snap one with your camera and let others judge your efforts
  • Free chat: What’s the secret to the best sushi? Find out from your foodie friends through the free chat feature. These conversations are anything and everything food-related
  • Discover new dishes! The freedom of learning something new and pushing the boundaries is the spark that keeps foodies going. Via the Discover tab, you can stay on top of trending recipes and get the guidance you need. A comprehensive search filter also enables you to easily find your cup of tea, so to speak.
  • Share food: Sharing is caring. Take a quick snap and post that incredible masterpiece for your friends to moon over
  • Privacy: Don’t want people snooping around your account? Restrict account visibility to friends by setting your profile to private. Otherwise, leave it public.

How Fsquad Works

Fsquad is like your basic social media platform but spruced up with an immense passion for a food-oriented reality. Show your appreciation for a post with a “like” and initiate a conversation by commenting. If you’d like to do something more about what you’ve seen, hit the “I Wanna Cook It” or “Wanna visit” button depending on whether it’s a home or restaurant-made meal respectively.

Why Fsquad is unlike anything you’ve tried before

Breaking down social media into the finer aspects of food benevolence, Fsquad is rocking your foodie world in 2021! Login via your Facebook or Gmail account and get started immediately. Users get unique access to a food-based community, fuelled by a shared love and trending food topics.


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