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Get Fitness, Salon, Spa and Home service at the Tap of a button : Beutics

Having multiple apps to book everything you need for wellness is a hassle. Imagine opening a different application for fitness, spa, massage, and other services. It’s truly tiring and time-consuming. But, will you still settle for multiple applications when you can have them in one? There is an existing application downloadable from the Google Playstore. This app is called Beutics. This app is considered as a marketplace for Wellness, Fitness, and Beauty providers. If you are someone who is into fitness and health, you will find hundreds of spas, gyms, salons, dental clinics, instructors, trainers, and other similar roles in Beutics. Beutics app, presently servicing users in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah of UAE.

What’s great about Beutics?

Beutics is a one-stop-shop. This is the best feature of the app. A user can basically find providers of Beauty, Wellness, and Fitness services here. Need home service for massage? You can use this app for booking your slot. Do you want an online gym? You can easily find your own fitness place within Beutics. All of these providers provide good discounts and offers. Most of them are selling their products and services on a bargain. Being a one-stop-shop, this application can help you save time instead of opening different apps for a specific provider.


Beutics does not just feature providers, it’s also a place where you can find good offers and reviews you won’t find when you walk out of your home. One reason why you need to have this application on your Android phone is that reviews of real clients are easily accessible in this app. You don’t have to exist the application if you want to check whether a provider is an expert or not. This application stores the feedback you need so you can choose the right people who will work with you to promote wellness and health.


If you are looking for professional advice, you can easily ask experts in this application. By simply asking and letting them know your concern, you will be able to learn and understand more about the specific thing you are concerned about.


Finally, Beutics offers cashback to users. Whenever you use the application to purchase your wellness or health package, you will receive a portion of what you pay for through its cashback feature. You don’t only get access to world-class services but you will also have opportunities to spend your money wisely. The cashback feature is ideal for people who are spending on a budget.


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