Get Your Dating Life on Track With Sync 1 to 1 Live Video Dating App

Sync 1 to 1 start the kickstart campaign for its live video dating app developed for iOS and Android. Sync 1 to 1 offers a unique solution to users to find love and meaningful relations and friendships from the comfort of their homes. The live video feature enables a seamless experience without losing the spontaneity of real-life interactions through video messaging and video dates. 

Sync 1 to 1, an app development firm based in Washington, announces the kickstart of its maiden app, also called Sync 1 to 1, aimed at fostering meaningful and more authentic relationships. If you hate the idea of a blind date, this new, live video app on the market makes it easier to find and date singles in your local area by connecting them on the video to discover their chemistry before they meet in real life.

“Sync 1 to 1 is a free live video dating app that lets you discover interested singles from your preferred gender in your local area. Users can browse others’ profiles and show interest by looking at video profiles instead of pictures, which makes the process much more authentic and trustworthy,” says Chase King, Founder and CEO. “Especially at this time, when people are only moving out for necessities, it is important to ensure that social distancing doesn’t turn into emotional distancing. Sync 1 to 1 takes care of this by matching people and connecting them through video messages and video dates subsequently, for an almost real-life relationship experience with all the thrills and butterflies-in-your-stomach kind of feeling,” he adds.

Here are some features of the app that make it quite unique compared to other dating apps we have seen so far:

  • Sync 1 to 1 is open to straight, gay, lesbian, and trans individuals who can openly express their interests and meet potential partners in a safe online zone.
  • The app does away with photographs and traditional profiles, replacing them with short video clips that are much more authentic and personality-oriented.
  • Once two users express mutual interest, they are matched and can connect with each other via chat, video messages, and video calls supported within the app.
  • Users can connect in two ways. One, by sending video messages that are automatically deleted 24hrs after being viewed by the recipient. Second, by fixing video dates to spend some fun time together. Auto reminders are sent 1 day 1 hour and 5 minutes before the scheduled date to ensure users never miss a date.
  • Sync 1 to 1 also includes multiple features to make it easier to for users to find dates, including options like Potential that enable users to revisit rejected profiles or rate their video dates to keep a track of individuals they would want to continue dating in the future.

Folks who wish to bring their dating life on track or want to meet interested singles or simply wish to take the hesitation out of blind dates, Sync 1 to 1 offers an interesting solution that’s definitely worth trying. The app is completely free to use for both iOS and Android users. Find more information about the kickstart campaign on the below link

KIckstart Campaign


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